172 Verbs to Use for the Word prosperity

Without having Germany's force of development and Great Britain's power of expansion, France enjoyed a wonderful prosperity and her wealth was scattered all over the world.

They seemed to think the Republic, founded at last upon a solid basis, supported by honest Republicans, would bring untold prosperity not only to the country, but to each individual, and many very modest, unpretending citizens of the small towns saw themselves conseilleurs generaux, deputies, perhaps even ministers.

We have not come to make war upon the people of a country that for centuries has been oppressed, but, on the contrary, to bring you protection, not only to yourselves, but to your property; to promote your prosperity, and bestow upon you the immunities and blessings of the liberal institutions of our government.

Roger, unlike most of the monarchs of his age, paid particular attention to improving the wealth of his dominions by increasing the prosperity of his subjects.

There are men here with, whom I have done business for years, men that owe prosperity to me, but when I called on them they almost insulted me.

He attained a moderate prosperity, secure from want, but still dependent upon labor for bread.

The resources of the country are abundant, the enterprise and activity of our people proverbial, and we may well hope that wise legislation and prudent administration by the respective governments, each acting within its own sphere, will restore former prosperity.

These sentiments, acting and reacting upon each other, had secured their political prosperity; but a disaffection was beginning to make itself felt in the Senate which led ultimately to over-limitations of power and such multiplied checks and suspicions that noble living and wise ruling became impossible.

He would be helping, if he obeyed and trusted God, to advance his country's prosperity; to insure her success in war and peace, to raise the name and fame of the Jewish people among all the nations round, that all might say, 'Surely this great nation is a wise and an understanding people.'

Under this new Jewish husbandry Palestine has begun to recover its ancient prosperity.

Thou canst thus preserve the friendship of all parties, and their votes are more essential to thee than the mere adoption of measures affecting the prosperity of thy people.

Among the Romans the hazel held a significant position, torches having been burnt on the wedding evening to insure prosperity to the newly-married couple, and both in Greece and Rome young married couples were crowned with marjoram.

These railways indicated great material prosperity in the nation at large, and the golden age of speculators and capitalists set in,all averse to war, all worshippers of money, all for peace at any price.

Its members are sharing prosperity, no doubt; but what alarms me is that they are not originating prosperity.

" To which I replied, "Master, I thank you, and wish you all prosperity.

As war is one of the heaviest of national evils, a calamity in which every species of misery is involved; as it sets the general safety to hazard, suspends commerce, and desolates the country; as it exposes great numbers to hardships, dangers, captivity, and death; no man, who desires the publick prosperity, will inflame general resentment by aggravating minute injuries, or enforcing disputable rights of little importance.

War had done its part, and the new Germany required all its energies to build up its internal prosperity and strength.

I have been anxious to secure so great power and to rise to such a height as to chastise all active foes and admonish all those disaffected for no other reason than that I might be able to play a brave part without danger, and to obtain prosperity with fame.

So was the need of uniform tariffs in a land where all sea-coast towns found their prosperity in forwarding supplies to the rich central mining regions of Kimberley and Johannesburg.

It is the God of liberty, Señor Simoun, who obliges us to love it, by making the yoke heavy for usa God of mercy, of equity, who while He chastises us, betters us and only grants prosperity to him who has merited it through his efforts.

Nothing could really relieve them but returning prosperity, and that depended more on events which could not be foreseen than on legislation itself.

And again, "I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

No, commercial prosperity means only the prosperity of a class.

The separation which was to establish the prosperity of the South by permitting it at last to live to its liking, to obey its genius, and to serve its interests, has hitherto resulted in little, save the singing of the Marseillaise, (the Marseillaise of Slavery!) and the striking down of the Federal colors before the flag of the pelican and the rattlesnake.

War is the national industry of Prussia; Prussia has knit together the several states of the larger Germany by means of war, and has promised them prosperity and power in the future, to be achieved by war.

172 Verbs to Use for the Word  prosperity
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