37 Verbs to Use for the Word publicity

The remark, which was made at what I understood to be a private gathering, was given very wide publicity, and was criticized at the time, but it was fulfilled, as the figures will indicate.

That is not young, Prudence, and he had grown old when I said goodbye to him on the steamerno, it was not a steamer, he avoided the publicity, he went in a merchant ship, there was not even one passenger beside himself.

Touching his hand to his fur cap, he informed Samuel and Abe that news was "as scarce as hens' teeth"; then added: "What's doing?" "Oh, nawthin', nawthin'," hastily replied Samuel, who believed that he hated publicity, as he gave Abe's foot a sly kick.

"He is not Mr. Powis, legally perhaps, though he might be, but that he dislikes the publicity of an application to the legislature.

Even if you're violating the law somehow his first attempt to make trouble for you will bring about the very publicity he is anxious to avoid.

She was not of those who seek publicity either for themselves or for their gowns in the daily papers.

Factory legislation, while it may abate many of the symptoms of the disease, cannot directly touch the centre of the malady, low wages, though by securing publicity it may be of indirect assistance in preventing the payment of wages which public opinion would condemn as insufficient for a decent livelihood.

I thought a marriage from here would not doit would entail publicity and remark; that none of us would care forbesides, there could hardly be a marriage under your auspices during the absence of the duke.

"Unfortunately," she said, "I have been unable to escape the vulgar publicity thrust upon me by the newspapers.

And in thus definitely espousing publicity by making public the most internal mystery, Christianity acts in accordance with its earliest origins and its terrible beginning.

They may well remain in the ancient records until they find publicity in detail in some accurate and complete history of the beginnings of the commonwealthincluding this strange chapter in its unique history.

There are so many others" "You forget the publicity concerning this prince your niece is to marry."

While Morse was in Europe gaining publicity for the telegraph, but no patents, his former fellow-passenger on the Sully, Dr. Charles Jackson, had laid claim to a share in the invention.

A man that does it that way gets publicity; writes a book, gets to be somebody.

Carlowitz abandoned his attempt as hopeless; and on March 13th the King summoned a Liberal Ministry which abolished press censorship, granted publicity of legal proceedings, trial by jury, and a wider basis for the Saxon Parliament, and promised to assist in the reform of the Bund.

Consequently, he must either incur very undesirable publicity by applying to the legislature for a special exception in this case, or she must be manumitted in another State.

She's given him carte blanche, she says, to manage the publicity for her.

They did not mind the publicity of the place that afternoon; they were quite oblivious of the world.

They are not so far distant as to render hearing difficult; and they obviate that unseemly publicity which is given to poor people in some places of worship.

The tenor had skilfully organized a world wide publicity for his young singer.

Nothing can prevent such publicity as a petition for divorce must entail.

Over and over again crimes are committed, by the young especially, that resemble in every detail a previous crime which has received large publicity through the newspapers, often through the hanging of some culprit.

A few States have laws aimed at corrupt elections, that is to say, limiting the expenditure of candidates and requiring publicity.

He was annoyed with himself and irritated by Willie, but above all he resented the publicity of the affair.

The German authorities hate and respect publicity and force in matters not to their liking, and Mr. Gerard's fearlessness in reports of conditions and urgent pleas for improvement have been of great service.

37 Verbs to Use for the Word  publicity