10 Verbs to Use for the Word quadroons

Every night during the winter season there is a bal paré et masqué, and occasionally "quadroon balls," which are attended by the young men of the city and their chères amies quadroons, who are decidedly the finest women in the country, being well formed, and graceful in their carriage.

"M'sieu'," began the quadroon, but ceased and stood with an expression of annoyance every moment deepening on his face, until he finally shook his head slowly, and said with a baffled smile: "Ah can nod spig Engliss.

One stratum comprised the fairly numerous quadroons and mulattoes along with certain exceptional blacks.

"Well?" demanded the quadroon, looking grave again.

And this is likely to be all the information you getnot that they would not tell, but they cannot grasp the idea that you wish to knowuntil, possibly, just as you are turning to depart, your informant, in a single word and with the most evident non-appreciation of its value, drops the simple key to the whole matter: "Dey's quadroons.

" Even envy could not hide its noisome head: a pretty quadroon whispered to her neighbor: "I don't b'liebe she 's natch'ly

" "Do you mean 'dies'?" "No," insisted the quadroon; "listen."

I meant the free quadroons.

"I thing, me, dey hought to pud doze quadroon' free?"

" "Yes; all for the present," replied the quadroon.

10 Verbs to Use for the Word  quadroons