655 Verbs to Use for the Word question

"My lords and gentlemen," said he, "I gave you leave to ask questions, and you have made a regular farmyard [Footnote: Proverb: meaning unknown.

I have simply set myself to answer the question: How can the business man stand among the ideal-makers of the world, so that he shall no more, in spiritual assemblies, be told to go away?

Let him speak his opinions thus on all subjects within the range of human investigation, upon science, philosophy, politics, religion, morals; and leave to little minds to settle the question of consistency or change.

Frenchmen generally have such a wonderful facility of speech, and such a pitiless logic in discussing a question, that the debates were often very interesting.

"Dalton," cried Lethal, "you are in time to decide a question of deep interest;your friend, De Vere, will assist you.

But when, on the contrary, you have before you a good man, a just man, who has considered deeply a question which you allow to be full of difficulty; who regrets, but cannot, being human, avert the miseries which to some unhappy individuals follow from the very wisdom of his rule,what can you do?

I repeated the question, addressing more particularly a great, gaunt fellow at my elbow; yet again I received no answer.

He wouldn't at present raise the question; thinking she would soon get over such a rotten idea.

Ânanda would have repulsed him; but Buddha ordered him to be introduced; and then putting aside the ingenious but unimportant question which he propounded, preached to him the Law.

The Prince of Wales heard my question, and immediately, with his charming tact and ease of manner, said to me: "You don't know the Princesse Mathilde; do let me have the pleasure of presenting you to her," naming me at oncein my official capacity, "wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs."

I leave open the question whether particular species may have lived on from epoch to epoch.

But the education committee brought out all the vexed questions of French and English, Protestant and Roman Catholic, progressive and reactionary.

I did not, however, feel competent to argue the question with one who had evidently studied physiology much more deeply than myself; and had mastered the records of an experience infinitely longer, guided by knowledge far more accurate, than is possessed by the most accomplished of Terrestrial physiologists.

When we have solved this question, we shall have solved a great human problem.

"It seems a strange mode of settling legal disputes," I remarked, "which determines a question in favour of a party, according to the strength and wind of his champion.

Russia's willingness to submit the question to an arbitration conference consisting of four neutral ambassadors seems only to have intensified Teutonic lust to humiliate the opponent.

To assert that variation is responsible for the individual, that it is the mechanism which isolates him as a being like none other of his fellows, not even his parents, brothers, and sisters, is merely to beg the question.

"Could an aggression be more palpable than that Index Expurgatorius demanded by Rome in 1596, when the ruling doctrine of exclusion involved no question of morality or irreligion, but solely concerned books upholding rights of consciences and rulers!"

He tried to get out of me how I had come to be driving with Archie that night, and although I evaded his questions it was plain that he had a shrewd inkling of the reason.

Schulze and Schwann took up the question from this point of view in 1836 and 1837.

But now we must examine the question not in the light of our sentiments or even of our hatreds.

I've no right, perhaps, to press my question, but your opinion would be of real value to me.

It is clear that there is here a veiled allusion to the Zodiacthat mysterious belt of constellations which runs like a river round the whole starry heavens, and rises in the constellation of the Ram or He-lambbut to debate that question now would be unprofitable, even were one fully competent to do so.

I don't understand these questions," was the sullen reply.

He has to meet questions, opposition, comments, shafts of wit and envy, jovial teasing and correction.

655 Verbs to Use for the Word  question