51 Verbs to Use for the Word raising

You remember the next January when you got your raise to fifty

Not he but another officer superintends the raising, organising, and disciplining of the forces.

Dey ain' na'er a man in dis settlement w'at won' tell you ole Julius McAdoo 'uz bawn en raise' on dis yer same plantation.

Each word they uttered gave raise to feelings of suspicion on the part of those who they addressed, and if they were silent, their silence was set down as wrong.

The governor of that State has recommended to the legislature the raising of an army to carry the secession into effect, and that he may be empowered to give clearances to vessels in the name of the State.

The other rose window represents the raising of the daughter of Jairus.

And those clearings, transformed into pasture-land, watered by the neighboring springs, enabled Mathieu to treble his live-stock and attempt cattle-raising on a large scale.

"Tell her, if she wants a raise," he concluded heartily, "and can't pinch enough out of my kitchen and the two dollars I pay hertell her to come to me, straight out, and I'll give her more, and she can pinch more.

Silently the two boys and Julius Caesar awaited the raising of the flags over Honolulu.

We have managed to get a line of soundings on our route showing the raising of the bottom from the ocean depths to the shallow water on the continental shelf, and the nature of the bottom.

They soon came within sight of the Sirens, who sang in Ulysses' hearing: Come here, thou, worthy of a world of praise, That dost so high the Grecian glory raise; Ulysses!

The war still continued in the Carnatic: Mahomet Ali, Tchunda Sahib's rival, had for the last six months been besieged in Trichinopoli; the English had several times, but in vain, attempted to effect the raising of the siege; Clive, who had recently entered the Company's army, was for saving the last refuge of Mahomet Ali by a bold diversion against Arcot, the capital of the Carnatic.

On they went, a slow, deliberate journey, steam hissing, black smoke curling, whistles tooting, wheels crunching, as the rotary bucked the bigger drifts and the smaller ploughs eliminated the slighter raises, a triumphant procession toward that thing which Martin knew he could attack with all the seeming ferocity of desperation and yet failthe fifty-foot thickness of Bander Cut.

They will find the raising of a loan difficult.

It was strenuously maintained that both these statutes forbade the raising or keeping on foot a standing army in the kingdom in time of peace, and also the introduction of foreign troops into this kingdom, without the previous consent of Parliament, on any pretence whatever; and that "the fact that Gibraltar and Minorca were detached from these islands did not exclude them from the character of forming a part of the British dominion."

Lots of them are not getting any raising at all.

"But honoring gratitude its column raise, To bear inscriptions of deserved praise; And when through age the record is obscure, A nobler let posterity procure.

The mysteries include the sham raising of the dead, and appear to be directed at propitiatory ghosts rather than at Ndengei.

And now he considered that it would be an exceedingly desirable project to introduce the raising of the commodity in the projected new settlement, and thus diminish to the nation the large sums annually expended in the importation.

" "I think I'd like sheep-raising," said Miss Laura; "won't you have me for your flock mistress, uncle?" He laughed, and said he thought not, for she would cry every time any of her charge were sent to the butcher.

" "You love wheatthe raising of it, I mean?"

He marked the raising of the black flag as the Gaston castaways, getting sorrily afloat one by one, cleared their decks for action.

But for all her determination and confidence, she knew that she could not master cattle-raising in a few weeks.

When the treaty necessitates the raising of money, the house of representatives is generally consulted, also.

And one chief way in which she was productive of so much good to her race was this: she raised the standard of popular poetry, raised it at a time when it sadly needed raising, to a higher level and tone.

51 Verbs to Use for the Word  raising