49 Verbs to Use for the Word recitation

When may a priest begin the recitation of Matins and Lauds for the following day?

We knew he had to study his own lesson assignments before he could hear a recitation.

She was a girl of fourteen, of a timid and nervous organization, who had suffered great annoyance by the persistence of the rappings about her wherever she might be; at first in her bedroom, but finally to her great dismay in the class-rooms of the primary public school of New York, in which she held the position of assistant teacher and where she conducted the recitations.

" By the time that the chums had attended the first section recitations on the following day, their despair was increased.

But one afternoon she gave him a recitation of the sleep-walking scene in Macbeth.

After the long happy silence which followed Henry's recitation of his verses, Angel at length spoke, "Shall I tell you something now?"


We might very rationally suppose that the great poet, absorbed in the delights of poesy, and thus dead to the outer world, would have continued his recitation, and permitted such real, sublunary things as visitors to pass unheeded.

"Oh, yes; ma'am," said the younger one "I've got a recitation, don't you remember?"

A difficulty arises sometimes as regards the full or partial or non-exemption of those who foresee that serious occupation which cannot be neglected must arise to prevent the recitation of the Hours.

"Vocal," the Church orders the vocal recitation, the pronunciation of each word.

He resolved not to adopt a series of minor changes in the Breviary, but to appoint an active commission of reform, whose first work should be a rearrangement of the psalter which must bring back the recitation of the Divine Office to its early idealthe weekly recitation of the whole psalter.

Religious, that is, all those who have made Religious Profession, in the Canonical sense, and who are bound to Choir recitation (Canon 610, Juris Canonici).

She afterwards heard them recite some passages which they had committed to memory, and interspersed the recitations with appropriate remarks of advice and exhortation.

In the early morning of St. Jerome's day, a black-robed Indian makes a recitation from the top of the pueblo to the assembled multitude below.

What is true time as regards recitation of the office?

But he recommends their recitation on certain fixed days and grants an indulgence for the practice.

Cato reproached another senator with the fact, that he had the effrontery to deliver Greek recitations with the due modulation at Greek revels.

Pupils who prepare the daily recitations well are almost sure to pass a good examination.

What means should be used to promote pious recitation?

The great idea in the reform was to restore the weekly recitation of the whole psalter.

Gury states that a priest interrupting the office between the verses of a psalm is not bound to repeat the entire psalm on resuming the recitation, as he says each verse has its own signification.

She had selected her recitation, or "speech," from among half a dozen poems that her teacher had suggested, and to memorizing it she devoted considerable time and study.

Most writers on liturgy hold that on some days a double officeone of the feast and one of the feriawas held, and that in order to shorten this double recitation there was said a composite office, partly of the saint's office and partly of the feria; and they say that from this practice arose the term semi-double, or half-double.

"Oh, well, if we're going to skip some recitations we'll need all the more study," sighed Dave, seating himself at his study table and drawing his books toward him.

49 Verbs to Use for the Word  recitation
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