281 Verbs to Use for the Word recorded

Men can't disappear like this, leaving no record.

You just watch his little safety-first wife see to it that from now on he keeps up her record of never in seven years punching the time-clock even one minute late, and that he keeps his stock shelves O. K. and shows his department he's a comer-on.

Spare no effort to find records of the schooner's cruise.

In some instances a series of small bogs or meadows rise above one another on a hillside, which are gradually merged into one another, forming sloping bogs, or meadows, which make striking features of Sequoia woods, and since all the trees that have fallen into them have been preserved, they contain records of the generations that have passed since they began to form.

And while we thus contemplate Nature's methods of landscape creation, and, reading the records she has carved on the rocks, reconstruct, however imperfectly, the landscapes of the past, we also learn that as these we now behold have succeeded those of the pre-glacial age, so they in turn are withering and vanishing to be succeeded by others yet unborn.

I was feeling quite elated over my big ride; and seeing that I was getting the best of the other scouts in regard to making a record, I volunteered to carry General Hazen's dispatches to Fort Hays.

The two who had broken the record for winter travel on the Yukon, side by side in the sunshine, on a plank laid across two mackerel firkins, sit and watch the brimming flood.

The Republic, the Empire, the Papacy, the Heathens, and the Christians have written their record upon marble.

No jury will believe Kemp after we've given them his record in cross-examination.

" Some of the inscriptions preserve a record of the occupation or trade of the dead, sometimes in words, more often by the representation of the implements of labor.

I beat my record!

Life holds a record of our every deed, and from no least responsibility can we make our escape.

I will obey him, If anything doth happen that is ill, Heaven bear me record, 'tis 'gainst my will.

Mr. William Barwick Hodge examined the records and despatches in the War-Office in London, and from these and other sources prepared an exceedingly valuable and instructive paper on "The Mortality arising from Military Operations," which was read before the London Statistical Society, and printed in the nineteenth volume of the Society's journal.

Then he who was wise turned towards her, and a great light came upon his face; and he said, 'We have searched the records, and heard all witnesses from the beginnings of time; but we have never found the boundary of His mercy, and there is no country known to man that is without his presence.

The recent memoirs of Frances Ann Kemble present a curious record of the process of passing from one extreme to the other.

And I reckon ye know his record, For he was our guiding star; And the boys who gathered round him To charge in the early morn, War just like the brave who perished With him on the Little Horn.

And with a look of profound discouragement, which seemed to be reflected in the sympathizing face of Longears, who had stretched himself at his master's feet and now lay gazing at him, Verty opened the record he had been copying, and began to write.

In the circumstances there can be no impropriety in disclosing the truth as to the cause for a course of action when the course of action itself must be set forth to complete the record and to explain an ignorance of the subsequent negotiations regarding the League of Nations, an ignorance which has been the subject of public comment.

She did not turn her head, and he stood looking at her and seeing the record the weary months had left upon her face; and, even in his own misery, he felt some pity for her.

While the baselessness of this claim has been pointed out, incidentally, in the progress of the foregoing discussion, it would seem desirable to give particular attention to the matter in a fuller treatment of it, before closing this record of centuries of discussion.

"When I saw you yesterday I knew you again in a moment, and when I went back to the Yard I looked up your record.

" "Oh, you got a record to be proud of, John Burkhardt: Not a foot in that opera-house since we're married.

The superintendent turned to a printed pamphlet in which were set forth the records of the midshipmen for the year before.

The hall filled long before his arrival, and an incident occurred which deserves record.

281 Verbs to Use for the Word  recorded