5 Verbs to Use for the Word recover

Although we have seen cases even advanced thus far recover, it is questionable whether it is now wise to attempt to prolong life.

Steinbeck lets a soldier talk and watches a hand recover.

But shrieks could not ease her distress, Nor grief her lost darling recover.

The new tenant, notwithstanding that he would have to contend with the shocking state of the farm, had such favourable terms that if he only stayed long enough to let the soil recover, Smith knew he must make a good thing of it.

" It took him fourteen yearssurely a sufficient time!to recover from this disappointment; for he is in his forty-first year, when, in his Sixtieth Sonnet, he represents himself as having been then one year enamored of Elizabeth: "So since the winged god his planet cleare Began in me to move, one yeare is spent; The which doth longer unto me appears Than all those fourty which my life outwent.

5 Verbs to Use for the Word  recover