68 Verbs to Use for the Word reefing

We left the port of Papeiti on the morning of the 17th of May, with a most favourable wind, soon passed in safety all the dangerous coral-reefs which surround the island, and in seven hours' time had lost sight of it altogether.

I had the crew shake out reefs in jib and foresail, and was surprised myself at the sailing qualities of the bark.

No time was lost in lowering our topmasts, taking double reefs, and making every thing snug, to meet the fury of the tempest.

The dogs cleared the ice-reef, and went spinning along so briskly over the low hummocks that the driver had to run to keep up with them.

In the afternoon we again ascended the hills over the anchorage and had a more favourable opportunity of seeing the reefs in the offing, several of which were set.

Pass on either side of Pinch-gut Island, and, in hauling into Sydney Cove, avoid a rocky reef that extends off Point Bennelong for rather more than two hundred yards into the sea.

By the connected observations of the vessels it lies in longitude 164° 37' W., and latitude 23° 44' N. The French-Frigate Shoal was seen on the 3rd; the weather proved bad, and they were unable to execute the work of examining this reef.

Sailing thence she struck a reef near her destination at Curaçao and was abandoned by her officers and crew.

In swinging to her anchor, a roller came down upon her, however; one that had crossed the reef without breaking, and broke on board her.

With such a head, therefore, it was but little to be expected Bob could give the information to others necessary to find the reef, even in the almost hopeless event of his ever being placed in circumstances to do so.

What man in his darkness and sinfulness has feebly been trying to utter in every nation from the beginning, that God has formulated and written down for him in the great Catholic religion of the Word made Flesh Which he may read that binds the sheaf Or builds the house, or digs the grave, And those wild eyes that watch the wave In roarings round the coral reef.

A little distance from the shore, and parallel to it, ran a coral reef, which during the south-west monsoon was here and there bare at low tide; but, when the north-east wind blew, the waves of the Pacific Ocean entirely concealed it.

That there was life, in the sea at least, even before the oldest Cambrian rocks were laid down, is proved by the discovery of the now famous fossil, the Eozoon, in the Laurentian limestones, which seems to have grown layer after layer, and to have formed reefs of limestone as do the living coral-building polypes.

"So little does he think of that, that he is turning out his reefs," answered Hazard.

The few birds that frequented the reef were very shy, and flew away at our approach: they were principally pelicans and terns.

I had to back water with some force, and, skirting the reef, stood on till fairly outside,when, turning shoreward again, I went on to the edge of the surf.

Sullen and sunken lay the reef, with sleek And foaming lips, before the flooded creek Deep-bunched with arrowy weed, its green expanse Wind-wrinkled and translucent ...

On leaving Cape Flinders, steer West 3/4 North for about twenty-three miles, leaving the reefs c and g to seaward, and d, e, and f to the southward, of the course; then haul up about North-West 3/4 North, and steer within the reef l and Pelican Island, and to seaward of the Claremont Islands 1 and 2, which are low and woody.

Having now the charge of two merchant-vessels, it was necessary to proceed with caution, and therefore we steered nearly over our last year's track, but notwithstanding, we now discovered several new reefs, and informed ourselves of the extent and shape of others which had escaped our previous observation.

She was a coal-eater and didn't pay to run, but I kept her going until she hit the reef.

At daylight we were off the cape and soon passed to the eastward of the Hope Islands; between which and Endeavour River we had an opportunity of laying down the reefs in the offing, particularly that on which the Endeavour struck, and which so nearly proved fatal to her enterprising commander and his companions.

From the time of reaching the reef, which is now to bear his name in all future time, our young seaman had begun to admit the bitter possibility of being compelled to pass the remainder of his days on it.

Round Point Pearce the land trends in a South 59 1/2 degrees East direction and forms a very deep indenture: on approaching this point we observed an extensive dry reef and breakers projecting from it to a considerable distance.

"I must own I had no great hopes of our ever getting here, but was willing to try it; for them rollers didn't mind half-a-dozen reefs, but came tumbling in over them, in a way to threaten the old 'Cocus with being ground into powder.

The wind had increased its velocity and necessitated a reefing down of jib and mainsail.

68 Verbs to Use for the Word  reefing