14 Verbs to Use for the Word referee

Break away!" cried the referee.

"Third down," called the referee.

"Are you all ready?" asked the referee.

"Darrin," began the referee in a friendly tone, "Tread doesn't like the idea of fighting you again to-night.

In less spacious days they had surged in their thousands every Saturday afternoon to Ibrox, or Tynecastle, or Parkhead, there to yell themselves into convulsionsnow exhorting a friend to hit some one a kick on the nose, now recommending the foe to play the game, now hoarsely consigning the referee to perdition.

"Nine, ten," counted the referee, and the fight was over.

"Take your places, gentlemen," ordered the referee quickly.

He scored a touchdown then, and such a frenzy I did never see; It made the umpire's whistle dumb, and overwhelmed the referee.

In other cases there were neck and neck races for favored locations, and sometimes it would have puzzled an experienced referee to have determined which was really the winner of the race.

Stand right back!" shrieked the referee, for the Master was standing over his man ready to give him the coup-de-grace as he rose.

As he stepped back the referee called time.

"Silence during the rounds, Mr. Pennington," admonished the referee quietly.

"The idea of not remembering that I was off-side!" "Pshaw; why, the first time I played against Eustace at Hillton I tackled the referee in mistake for the man with the ball!

"Heads it is!" announced the referee.

14 Verbs to Use for the Word  referee