3 Verbs to Use for the Word regale

I was lately fatiguing myself with going through a volume of fine words by Lord Thurlow,excellent words; and if the heart could live by words alone, it could desire no better regales.

What though whole hecatombs his crew regale, And each dependant slumbers o'er his ale, While the remains, through mouths unnumber'd pass'd, Indulge the beggar and the dogs at last: Say, friend, is it benevolence of soul, Or pompous vanity, that prompts the whole?

Can it be believed, that often when he had received half a guinea, in consequence of a supplicating letter, he would go into a tavern, order a supper to be prepared, drink of the richest wines, and spend all the money that had just been given him in charity, without having any one to participate the regale with him, and while his wife and child were starving home?

3 Verbs to Use for the Word  regale