50 Verbs to Use for the Word relishes

We returned to camp before the sun went behind the hills, with our fish ready for the pan, and our boatmen provided us with a meal of jerked venison, pork, and trout, which an epicure might envy, and to which a hard day's journey and an appetite sharpened by the bracing influence of the pure mountain air, gave a peculiar relish.

From the time that my mind had run on love and matrimony, I had lost all relish for serious study; and long before that time, I had felt a sentiment bordering on contempt for the pursuits of my father.

If the weather is fine and genial, it should be turned into an orchard or small paddock for a few hours each day, to give it an opportunity to acquire a relish for the fresh pasture, which, by the tenth or twelfth week, it will begin to nibble and enjoy.

This will be found an agreeable relish to fish, as many people cannot eat it without the addition of an acid and cayenne pepper.

The dirtiest Hindoo sings to his fetish the songs of the Brahmin muse, with as keen a relish as the most devout Christian does the hymns of Dr. WATTS.

Well, put the vodka on the table, and bring some relishes.

It appeared to me, that by being much more in company, and enjoying more luxurious living, he had contracted a keener relish of pleasure, and was consequently less rigorous in his religious rites.

Curiously enough, however, he retained his relish for novels, and for books on history, biography, and travels.

The hard roe makes a nice relish by pounding it in a mortar, with a little anchovy, and spreading it on toast.

" "Take this rulewhatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes off the relish of spiritual thingsin short, whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mindthat thing is sin to you, however innocent it may be in itself.

On the crew of the Flora being treated to see Othello at the Portsmouth Theatre, Cassio's silly speech proved an exquisite relish to the audience, where he apostrophizes heaven, "Forgive us our sins," and endeavours to persuade his companion that he is sober.

"Please, pass me the Yorkshire relish," he said in his rough way to a girl sitting next to him.

With such health, Robert Browning felt a keen relish for physical existence and a robust joyousness in all kinds of activity.

He received in this way clothes and shoes, which were purchased in the market, and which the recipients had merely to keep in repair; a quantity of wheat monthly, which each had to grind for himself; as also salt, olives or salted fish to form a relish to their food, wine, and oil.

The organs themselves, it is plain, do not produce them: for then the eyes of a man in the dark would produce colours, and his nose smell roses in the winter: but we see nobody gets the relish of a pineapple, till he goes to the Indies, where it is, and tastes it.

The appearance of an affair of justice was unfortunate for the progress of the ceremonies, Peterchen having some such relish for the punishment of rogues, and more especially for such as seemed to be an eternal reproach to the action of the Bernese system by their incorrigible misery and poverty, as an old coachman is proverbially said to retain for the crack of the whip.

I felt my cue, and strong pity working at the root, I went to work and beslabber'd "Alfred" with most unqualified praise, or only qualifying my praise by the occasional polite interposition of an exception taken against trivial faults, slips, and human imperfections, which, by removing the appearance of insincerity, did but in truth heighten the relish.

Father Cuddy smacked his lips at the recollection of Margery's delicious fried eggs, which always imparted a peculiar relish to his liquor.

Nature presents them with her most delicious fruits spontaneously and abundantly; and she has implanted in their breast a lively relish for the favours she so lavishly bestows upon them.

Five years had improved Marcus Wilkeson's relish for a good book, an after-dinner pipe, and a chat with a friend.

They would drink slowly, interrupting their relish of the liquor to lament together the immovability of the Mare Nostrum.

The physician knowing the king's relish for a joke, accosted the man with, "My good friend, you are continually doctoring that clock, and yet it never goes well.

I would not choose To lack a relish for the thing that God Thinks worth.

But if the woman finds that her husband is impotent, she does not rise betimes and go out in the dark to lay the relish at the doors of her mother and the old woman.

It would have lent relish to his somewhat perfunctory washings to say to himself, "Doubtless this here bit of soap is a piece of old Cuddy.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  relishes