83 Verbs to Use for the Word reminiscences

It is not necessary, I suppose, in writing these reminiscences, to describe all I sawat least I hope not.

The speaker is an old soldier giving reminiscences of his boyhood: "Our Elector was a fine gentleman, a great lover of the arts, and himself very clever with his fingers.

It contains reminiscences of some people who made a great figure in the railway world at that time, and was preceded by a letter which was playfully addressed "From the Palace of King Hudson, York.

The friends of the old lady persuaded her to make considerable changes in her attire, and a costume was speedily prepared, which, while it suggested the fashions of the present day, was also calculated to recall reminiscences of those of a quarter of a century ago.

Harness became an accomplished clergyman and minor poet, and has left some pleasing reminiscences of his former patron.

Sitting amid the shrouds and rattlins, in the tranquillity of the moonlight, churming an inarticulate melody, he seemed almost apparitional, suggesting dim reminiscences of him who shot the albatross.

He brought to his pen the reminiscences of varied reading, and a wholly original touch of fantasy.

What publisher shall we have publish these reminiscences?

Manitou is a name which conjures up reminiscences of legend and history, and it also reminds the traveler of some of the most remarkable scenes of the Rocky Mountains.

That I loved her above all other persons, no one who has read these reminiscences can for a moment doubt.

To realise Victoria you must take all that the eye admires most in Bournemouth, Torquay, the Isle of Wight, the Happy Valley at Hong-Kong, the Doon, Sorrento, and Camps Bay; add reminiscences of the Thousand Islands, and arrange the whole round the Bay of Naples, with some Himalayas for the background.

[Footnote 73: A reminiscence of the Eumenides of Aischylos.]

Rehbein turned the conversation to Marienbad, and this appeared to awaken pleasant reminiscences in Goethe.

He is no such honest chronicler as R.N., and would have done better perhaps to have consulted that gentleman, before he sent these incondite reminiscences to press.

The atoms of fire are struck out of the flint (VI, 6), the atoms of light are emitted from the sun (VII, 527, and VIII, 23), early men were born duro robore and lived like those described in the fifth book of Lucretius (VIII, 320), and Conington finds almost two hundred reminiscences of Lucretius in the Aeneid, the proportion increasing rather than decreasing in the later books.

He delighted in each evening spent with his old cronies, in the whist-playing, the reminiscences, the storytelling, the arguments, and the moderate smoking and drinking.

On the other hand, he desires that what may become questions of tradition, and, in regard to his own land, REMINISCENCES of Scottish life, shall becowardice and folly, deceit and fraud, the low and selfish motives to action which make men traitors to their God and hateful to their fellow-men.

" Whilst the Puritan seaman had been detailing his reminiscence, his eyes had kept wandering from the clouds to the flapping sails and back.

These were reflections that made Venetia grave; but she opened her journal, and, describing the adventures and feelings of the morning, she dissipated some mournful reminiscences.

Indeed, were we here concerned in assigning to its historical source each particular trait in individual works, rather than in tracing the general development of an idea, it would be casier to distinguish a faint and slightly cynical reminiscence of Daphnis and Chloe in the Aminta and Pastor fido than in the Ameto or the Arcadia.

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[Dr. Gladden has embodied his college reminiscences more fully in his recent volume Recollections, wherein is told also the story of "The Mountains."

" Rise of the West, or a Prospect of the Mississippi Valley, embraces reminiscences of this noble stream, and of its banks being settled by the Anglo-Saxons.

Yea, Scotland herself, with affectionate care, Shall nurse an old age so beloved and so rare; And still gratefully seek in her heart to enshrine One more Reminiscence, and that shall be Thine.

This paper weight evoked many reminiscences within him.

83 Verbs to Use for the Word  reminiscences