28 Verbs to Use for the Word rendezvous

In spite of every effort a march so swift that it would have exhausted cavalry, Jones's ranks did not reach the rendezvous until midnight.

These were all sent off in a van early one morning, and after luncheon I went over, having given rendezvous to Pontecoulant and M. Kruft, chef du materiel, an excellent, intelligent man, who was most useful and devoted to me the two years I lived at the ministry.

Maigret keeps a rendezvous.

She held a rendezvous with she knew not what.

They arranged a rendezvous for three o'clock on the morrow, and then they shook hands.

For that purpose he thinks it expedient to appoint a general rendezvous where all the corps and companies of militia, including all who may march from any of the States with those of this District, may assemble at an early hour in the morning of Saturday, the 13th instant, and there receive final orders for being formed and posted.

With imagination on fire, she was anticipating the rendezvous at three o'clock.

While we have been at this post several valuable animals, as well as a large number of government horses and mules have been stolen, and we think that the thieves are still in the vicinity of the fort, but as yet we have been unable to discover their rendezvous.

I lost my way regularly every time that I went from my inn to the Piazza di San Marco, which forms the general rendezvous of the promenaders and is the fashionable lounge of Venice; and every time I was obliged to hire a boy to reconduct me to my inn.

Fear of his mother was the only thing that had kept him from frequenting Cupido's shopthe rendezvous of the city's gayest set, a hotbed of gossip and practical jokes, a school of guitar playing and love songs that kept the whole neighborhood astir.

Other meetings followedsecret rendezvous arranged by the duenna herself in return for liberal bribesto keep which Bianca would steal out of her father's palace at dead of night, leaving the door open behind her to ensure safe return before dawn.

One disputed with the others for such a girl, and those to whom she granted a rendezvous, in consideration of much money, were sincere in imagining that they had won her from a rival, and in so thinking they were the objects of honorary distinction and favor.

I had been told that there were some huts on the right hand side, just over the bridge, where our men would be, where the A.S.C. would have delivered rations and the Staff had fixed a rendezvous.

It means "cane," and indicates a nocturnal rendezvous in the cane-field, where lovers are safe from observation.

But if the Revue lowered the blinds of the cab, it does allow us to penetrate into the room where they found a rendezvous.

These four men did not call it by the proper title just given; there were commercial gentlemen in the Creole city, Englishmen, Scotchmen, Yankees, as well as French and Spanish Creoles, who in public indignantly denied, and in private tittered over, their complicity with the pirates of Grand Isle, and who knew their trading rendezvous by the sly nickname of "Little Manchac."

The Chancellor desired to see the Prince of Conti; the latter replied, "Qu'il lui donnoit rendezvous à la Grève.

The expedition sailed, its various divisions making a rendezvous at Friar's Point, twelve miles below Helena, on the night of the 22d of December.

"I have an appointment at the Saracen's," he said mildly, meaning the Saracen's Headthe central rendezvous of the town, where Conservative and Liberal met on neutral ground.

" CHAPTER XV Toward the end of June, as Claymore's new provisional brigade of Sykes's division, Fitz John Porter's superb corps d'armee, neared the designated rendezvous, some particularly dirty veteran regiments, bivouacked along the fields, crowded to the roadside, fairly writhing in their scorn and derision.

He went to see Madame Bovary and proposed a rendezvous.

They then quitted their rendezvous, and soon their tall forms were lost in the gloom of the forest.

Barney, leaving the negro writhing in convulsions under the table, darted to the windowto the rendezvous.

" Respecting the rendezvous of witches, it may be noted that they very frequently resorted to hills and mountains, their meetings taking place "on the mead, on the oak sward, under the lime, under the oak, at the pear tree."

I found the yellow dress she wore that day hanging up in Low's cabinthe place where I saw her gothe rendezvous where she meets him.

28 Verbs to Use for the Word  rendezvous