146 Verbs to Use for the Word rents

He goes about the world, sits on boards and committees, fills directorships and trusteeships, pays pew-rent, and runs towns.

You collect your rents yourself.

The owner raises the rent as the price of land rises, and the tenant is mostly too poor to do anything much after he's paid the rent.

He refused to have any regular salary or to receive pew rents, taking only such offerings as his congregation wished to give him.

Then the guv asked her to move and she refused until he gave up her month's rent.

How much rent will you charge us, Mr. Quackenboss; to let our machine lie there over night?

On the very next morning his steward came to demand my annual rent, which, by reason of the accidents already related, I was unable to pay.

It is true, if there was inferior land, there would be a difference of rent in proportion to the difference of fertility; and if it was so poor as merely to repay the expense of cultivation, it would yield no rent at all.

"And the son of a pig owes me rent?" "Now, please, do not abuse me, Babuji," protested Sádhu, "only listen to my tale for one minute!"

Thus an increased demand for the products of any particular industry will make it profitable for that industry to offer higher rents, and thus draw land away from other occupations.

You won't have to work so hard when you've got no rent to pay, and you will have as much of the water as you like without the trouble of walking up the hill for it.

As I know him to be a close-fisted man, who has tried more than once to get me to reduce the small rent

The two sprang up to examine it, and found an ugly little rent that had nearly pulled out one of the wrought rosebuds.

About three years after, the pope demanded and obtained the tenth of all ecclesiastical revenues, which he levied in a very oppressive manner; requiring payment before the clergy had drawn their rents or tithes, and sending about usurers, who advanced them the money at exorbitant interest.

The effects of the earthquake were still visible, as little had been done towards repairing the numerous rents and cracks in the floor, and in the walls.

He took rent and tribute of the people, and in due season caused the treasure to be delivered to the emperor at Rome.

Buntline, whose ire was rising, said to Nixon: "What rent will you ask for your theater for next week?

For this he had a plausible pretence; for he told me, there has been a custom in this family, that the laird resigns the estate to the eldest son when he comes of age, reserving to himself only a certain life-rent.

So I've the votes and the fishing, and send him his rents, and manage all the rest pretty much, my own way.

A tent for instance, called Eldorado, fifteen by twenty feet, occupied mostly by gamblers brought the enormous yearly rent of $40,000.

" "Princely, indeed," rejoined the dowager, sighing: "don't the earl intend increasing the rents of this estate as the leases fall in?

In letting estates it was estimated that a farm ought to produce three rents; in other words, that a farm let at £1 an acre ought to produce yearly £3 an acre.

XXI.When Servilius, the consul, and the other magistrates opposed him, and he himself effected less than he expected, in order to raise the passions of the people, he dropped it, and promulgated two others; one, by which he remitted the annual rents of the houses to the tenants, the other, an act of insolvency: upon which the mob made an assault on Caius Trebonius, and having wounded several persons, drove him from his tribunal.

The points to be settled in such an agreement are, the rent, term, and especially covenants for insuring and rebuilding in the event of a fire; and if it is intended that the lessor's consent is to be obtained before assigning or underleasing, a covenant to that effect is required in the agreement.

Two more shells struck the wooden hull of the "Franklin" between the fore and mainmasts, tearing a great rent in her side and literally annihilating the crews of four guns.

146 Verbs to Use for the Word  rents
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