103 Verbs to Use for the Word restraints

Let it be emphasized that they did this, not by seeking more power, but by imposing restraints upon themselves.

The truth is, that it is natural as well as necessary for every man to be a vagabond occasionally, to throw off the restraints imposed upon him by the necessities and conventionalities of civilization, and turn savage for a season,and what place is left for such transformation, save these northern forests?"

In my opinion, the best way to prevent India from becoming the battle ground between the forces of Islam and those of the English is for Hindus to make non-co-operation a complete and immediate success, and I have little doubt that if the Mahomedans remain true to their declared intention and are able to exercise self-restraint, and make sacrifices the Hindus will "play the game" and join them in the campaign of non-co-operation.

I am not persuading your lordships to lay restraints upon virtue and prudence, but to consider how seldom virtue and authority are found together, how often prudence degenerates into selfishness, and all generous regard for the publick is contracted into narrow views of private interest.

I will not tell you what I think of Lloyd, for he may by chance come to see this letter; and that thought puts a restraint on me.

The marriage of the fugitives in Scotland had been announced; and as the impression that Egerton was to be connected with the Moseleys was destroyed of course, their every-day acquaintances, feeling the restraints removed that such an opinion had once imposed, were free in their comments on his character.

"I merely wish to request," he says, quietly, "that you place sufficient restraint upon your naturally happy feelings to keep our engagement a secret from the public at present, as I can't bear to have boys calling out after me, 'There's the feller that's goin' to get married!

After a career the most checkered and romantic which is recorded in history, the beautiful and hitherto unfortunate Jacqueline found repose and happiness in the tranquillity of private life, and her death in 1436, at the age of thirty-six, removed all restraint from Philip's thirst for aggrandizement, in the indulgence of which he drowned his remorse.

What Solomon actually said was: "Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint."

The first law was eluded, the second is defied: the first was executed, but produced no restraint; the second produces a restraint so violent, that it cannot be executed.

"I know you will not tell me that you have not broken all the restraints of your own laws and customs.

You've shown wonderful restraint, old chap.

He will rather need urging in the matter than require restraint.

It is only by practising mutual restraint and self-denial that we can act and talk with other people; and, therefore, if we have to converse at all, it can only be with a feeling of resignation.

But on Spanish soil it knew no restraint, no limitation but the complete effacement of the Moorish population.

For a year and a half we have had two Indians on the Council of India, and we have none of us ever found the slightest restraint.

In other quarters these religionists suffered restraint and persecution from the zeal of the Presbyterians; the indulgence which they enjoyed under Cromwell scandalized and alarmed the orthodoxy of the Scottish commissioners, who obtained, as a counterpoise to the influence of that officer, the post of major-general for Crawford, their countryman, and a rigid Presbyterian.

From between Corinthian columns was a view of nearly all the temple precincts and of the lawns where revelers would presently forget restraint.

His sighs and tears of sorrow No longer bear restraint, And thus in words of anguish He utters his complaint: "Oh, dismal is the exile That wrings the heart with woes And locks the lips in silence, Amid unfeeling foes.

And it was not until well on their journey to the farm that the girls finally dared to abandon further restraint.

Concision gives energy, but it also adds restraint.

There were little curls about her neck which defied restraint.

Daniel was emphatically one of those poets, neither few nor inconsiderable, the natural nervelessness of whose poetic diction imperatively demands the bracing restraint of rime.

The struggle on the right to discuss the prudential restraint of population did not, however, conclude without a martyr.

Their genius runs riot in the wantonness of its own uncontrolled exuberance;their imagination, disdaining the restraint of judgment, imparts to their literature the characteristics of a nation in one of the earlier stages of civilization and refinement.

103 Verbs to Use for the Word  restraints