810 Verbs to Use for the Word rests

He reigns; The prisoner leaps to lose his chains, The weary find eternal rest, And all the sons of want are blest.

By this time we had a full view of the rising sun, pouring a flood of light over one half of the circular landscape below us, and leaving the rest in shade.

I insisted on his now taking some rest.

I had to leave my class in Miss Payne's charge, and they spent the rest of the time fitting in shelves, water-taps, and sinks.

Man needs rest.

On seeing how well we were fortified and protected by our breastwork of hams, they probably came to the conclusion that it would be a difficult undertaking to dislodge us, for they drew off and gave us a rest, but only a short one.

"Tell me the rest," he said.

They found rich booty in Pertolepe's camp, with store of arms and armour and many goodly horses, and thither Sir Benedict's wearied followers betook them as night fell and knew blessed rest and sleep.

But, Sir, I shall enjoy My rest, though you're not there! ~A

Even this short delay had been nearly sufficient to bring the rest of the brutes down upon me; so that, without an instant's waste of time, I turned and ran for the door.

"I am like a poor, lonely bird," she said to herself, "who flits from shore to shore, seeking rest and finding none.

We waited, therefore, conversing among ourselves about what had been said, and considering it again, and sometimes speaking about our calamity, how severe it would be to us, sincerely thinking that, like those who are deprived of a father, we should pass the rest of our life as orphans.

Edith had everything here to make her happy, including Bruce's mother, who relieved her of the children when she wanted rest and in whose eyes she was perfection.

These figures are furnished by Mr. Heming, who has been over the route 400 miles north of Edmonton, and got the rest of his data from the Hudson Bay officials.

However this might have astonished him, it didn't seem to disturb the rest.

She has always been very kind to me till now; but I shall let the matter rest.

But having successfully carried her own way on the main question, she would not renew her remonstrances on a minor point; and finding her about to join the rest, she drew Eunané apart.

And how could she go down with such a face to hear the rest about punctuation?

I expect to live here the rest of my days.

The battle having ceased, and the army being in the neighborhood of Sístán, the champion solicited permission to return to his home; "for I am now," said he, "four hundred years old, and require a little rest.

"Now we must walk the rest of the way to Ekenge.

Though not given the skirmish-line next daythe 17thJack was delighted to find that the Caribees led all the rest.

Plato, you go with Number Two to the stables and bring the horses out; hold six and send the rest scattering in the fields, so that in case of anybody's being in the mind to follow hell have to use his legs, and we can beat them at that game.

His timely batting was missed in knocking out opponents, and the injury kept him out all the rest of the season.

"You carry him the rest of the way," he commanded, and set his burden in Nicholas's arms.

810 Verbs to Use for the Word  rests