109 Verbs to Use for the Word rhyme

How his brother used to snap him up and ask if he had nothing better to do than to dawdle around into Maple Street and swing Prudence under the maples in that old garden, or to write rhymes with her and correct her German exercises!

" "It makes rhymes, don't it?

The bellows has old carved wings round it and round the visnomy is inscribed, as near as I remember, not divided into rhyme,I found out the rhyme, "Whom have we here Stuck on this bellows, But the Prince of good fellows, Willy Shakspere?" At top, "O base and coward lack, To be here stuck!

Although the heroic drama, as we have described it at length in the preceding pages, presented the strongest temptation to the exercise of argumentative poetry in sounding rhyme, Dryden was at length contented to abandon it for the more pure and chaste style of tragedy, which professes rather the representation of human beings, than the creation of ideal perfection, or fantastic and anomalous characters.

Therefore, penas and arenas would form a feminine rhyme.

The mother repeats her rhymes and verses solely to give pleasure, and if our aim is the deepening of appreciation, there is no reason for leaving the green and grassy path that Nature has showed to the mother for the hard and beaten track of "recitation."

Or, to get merry, We sing an old rhyme That made the wood ring again In summer time: Sweet summer time!

With a band of king's players by Bill Shakespeare led, I played many roles, e'en recalled the dead To piece out my plot or to string out my rhyme, Nor considered it theft, more an honor that time, To borrow a plot for a queen or a king, And watch their amuse as my poor muse would sing.

But here is jubilation in the air And matter made to build the jocund rhyme on, Though in our joyance some may fail to share, Like Mr. RUNCIMAN or Major SIMON, That hardened warrior, he Who won the Military O.B.E. Already dawns for us a golden age (Lo! with the loud "All Clear!"

I wrote, 'tis true, some sonnets, plays, To make a living, pass the time In merriment or jest and glee I turned out many a ribaled rhyme.

In the dream of the Northern poets, The brave who in battle die Fight on in shadowy phalanx In the field of the upper sky; And as we read the sounding rhyme, The reverent fancy hears The ghostly ring of the viewless swords And the clash of the spectral spears.

To the child it means a bright point that glitters and twinkles in the sky, and sets him saying an old nursery rhyme.

Ring out the want, the care, the sin, The faithless coldness of the times; Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes, But ring the fuller minstrel in.

In the Harz, on Midsummer night, branches of the fir-tree are decorated with flowers and coloured eggs, around which the young people dance, singing rhymes.

In the poem called Home, every stanza is perfectly finished till the last: in it, with an access of art or artfulness, he destroys the rhyme.

" "It's short 'cause I run out o' rhymes," admitted Peggy.

Beer prompted CALVERLEY'S immortal rhymes, Extolling it as utterly eupeptic; But on that point, in these exacting times, The weight of evidence supports the sceptic; Beer is not suitable for torrid climes Or if your tendency is cataleptic; But tea in moderation, freshly brewed, Was never by Sir ANDREW CLARK tabooed.

It was quite unusual that Kurt had not produced a rhyme about her great devotion.

"Very well, if I can remember the rhyme," responded Roy.

These verses may rhyme at the will of the poet, provided that three verses having the same rhyme do not follow each other successively.

Shelley no doubt wanted a rhyme for 'morrow' and 'sorrow': he has made use of 'borrow' in a compact but not perspicuous phrase.

If it was Hugo who invented French rhyme it was Banville who broke up the couplet.

Everybody knows the old rhyme: "On the twenty-seventh of July Sow your turnips, wet or dry.

Eleanor Teressa Pratt Duncan (A); 2Feb62; R290737. Sunny time spelling rhymes step by step with Betty and Jack.

'To J.A.W. I owe the first great knowledge of that other love between man and man, which Whitman has since taught us to call "the dear love of comrades"; and to him I owe that I never burned those early rhymes, or broke my little reedan unequivocal service to me, whatever the public, should it be consulted, may think.

109 Verbs to Use for the Word  rhyme