172 Verbs to Use for the Word riding

Nothing in the familiar old kitchen was hers, Angeline reflected, except Abraham, her aged husband, who was taking his last gentle ride in the old rocking-chairthe old arm-chair with painted roses blooming as brilliantly across its back as they had bloomed when the chair was first purchased forty years ago.

He seemed anxious to break me in, as well as the pony, and I greatly enjoyed this, my first day's ride on a Kansas prairie.

I do not believe that there was ever such a paradox in nature, as a man who had tossed the baby up and down, balanced it on his hand, given it a ride on his foot, and yet never sang to it.

"I caught a ride on your private car, when it left New York, not caring much where it might take me.

And Moriana raised her eyes And saw her lover ride,

Sarah A. Solovay, John H. Mueller & George E.G. Catlin (A); 8Apr66; R383075. DU SOE, ROBERT C. The devil thumbs a ride.

For about an hour the three friends continued their ride, and then halted to bind up their wounds, and conceal themselves for the rest of the day.

"With machines like that we can get along without the I.W.W." "I want a ride on it," declared Lenore, and she ran along to meet the harvester.

Miller recognized in him a black giant by the name of Josh Green, who for many years had worked on the docks for Miller's father,and simultaneously identified him as the dust-begrimed negro who had stolen a ride to Wellington on the trucks of a passenger car.

The Highwaymen Tom o' the Roads had ridden his last ride, and was now alone in the night.

On arriving, as I had nothing else to do, I proposed a ride through the town, to the considerable consternation of our attendants.

"Would you like a ride, little one?" said the Squire, "Miss Lavinia and myself are going to town.

That night he slept indoors, but in the morning early he was awoken by the sound of trotting horses, and running to the window saw a farmer riding by very sprucely dressed.

I did not hesitate for a moment to undertake an extra ride of eighty-five miles to Rocky Ridge, and I arrived at the latter place on time.

It was even whispered last winter when he went sleigh-riding with that fascinating little widow, Mrs. Broughton, that he let her do the driving, clasped his own hands in front of him, and talked of nothing but the privations of the missionaries in China, and never mentioned oysters or cold birds and a bottle.

Lady Lorna Rea (A); 27Jun56; R172827. READ, HELEN S. An airplane ride.

I'm trying to find what purpose you have in taking me riding.

We were having such a good ride together, and now I've spoiled it all, with this.

In an earlier passage (p. 138), in describing a rough ride in Mull, he says:'We were now long enough acquainted with hills and heath to have lost the emotion that they once raised, whether pleasing or painful, and had our minds employed only on our own fatigue.'

"She has a big sadness, which makes her ride to the pass.

W. got a ride every morning, as the Congress only met in the afternoon.

With George for her companion, too, Venetia was induced to resume her rides.

There was a young lady sitting in the car, who remarked to her mother, as a very filthy-looking white man entered, 'See, they will let that filthy creature ride and prohibit a decent respectable colored person!'

The Major has kindly offered me a horse, but I don't know how I'll stand the ride, for I haven't done any riding lately; but when I was a young man I spent several years among the fur companies of the Northwest, and was a good rider and an excellent shot.

He satirized and discouraged dancing; he preferred riding and swimming to other exercises, because they concealed his weakness; and on his death-bed asked to be blistered in such a way that he might not be called on to expose it.

172 Verbs to Use for the Word  riding
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