681 Verbs to Use for the Word rightest

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Suppose a man owned one hundred acres of land and gave you the right of way through it from one public road to another,that would leave him many acres for his own use on which you have no right to trespass.

But the austere aspect of the shut-up "best parlor" of our grandfathers, with its closed blinds and chilly chintz covers, showed that the tables were beginning to turn, and the household to assert its rights and civilly to pay off the guest for his usurpations.

No one can deny the right of the conqueror to compel the conquered enemy to give up his arms and reduce his military armaments, at any rate for some time.

Well, if I was to exercise my right of conquest and get the fruits of conquest, two ways seemed open.

You recognize no rights in people whom you don't like, or who you think aren't deserving, or haven't earned rights.

They'll join the force of Wit to Beauty now, And so maintain the Right they have in you.

It was not till about 1850 that Mr. W.H. Smith secured the entire bookstall rights on the London and North-Western Railway, much against his father's advice.

"No, the time for talk is past; it is battle, and God defend the right!"

In the first place, people have got no right to talk about queer animals to the boy at allwe all know what he isand in such language!

Only in the shepherd cantonsUri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden, also Zug, Glarus, and Appenzelldid the country people possess equal rights, and, in the city cantons, only the burghers of the cities; and often, even among these latter, only a few rich or ancient families.

"I have respected your rights, Miss Effingham, though, with a wish to prevent any violence to your tastes, I have caused sundry antediluvian paintings and engravings to be consigned to the" "Garret?" inquired Eve, so quickly as to interrupt the speaker.

The weeks slipped away, and the Triple Alliance soon got over their new-boy trials, and began to enjoy all the rights and privileges of Ronleigh College boys.

" "I sometimes think that it is no great thing after all to be human;" the Doctor continued, bowing his acknowledgments for my protecting his right to the floor.

All the governors expatiate on the vast amount of forest wealth and remind the home government that under the French regime the king, when making out patents for the seigneurs, reserved the right of taking wood for ship-building and fortifications from any of the seigneuries.

If you purchase a field or house, the seller retaining another field between yours and the highway, he must of necessity grant you a right of way.

If the majority had had your 'tribulum' they would think they had earned the right to play!"

Though a zealous reformer of the Church, and in this respect a precursor of Luther, who was destined to begin his mission twenty years later, he did not quit the pale of orthodoxy; he did not assume the right of examining doctrine; he limited his efforts to the restoration of discipline, the reformation of the morals of the clergy, and the recall of priests, as well as other citizens, to the practice of the gospel precepts.

Slow progress was made toward the construction of the line on account of the difficulty of obtaining the right of way either upon railways or highways, and it was not until January, 1846, that the line was completed to the west side of the Hudson River, which formed an impassable barrier to further progress for a considerable period.

All our happiness is owing to his goodness; but, that it is no greater, is owing only to ourselves; that is, to our not having any inherent right to any happiness, or even to any existence at all.

We have been laying stress on the wrongs of woman and demanding very persistently and convincingly her rights.

There was none to dispute his right to the title.

In the three colonies last named formal corporate charters were granted by the Crown, which in themselves were constitutions in embryo, and the colonists thus acquired written rights as to the government of their internal affairs, upon the maintenance of which they jealously insisted.

It will vindicate the rights, and ennoble the destiny of the masses of the people who work.

Thus the Chitpavans gained their Brahmanhood, but lost their right to superiority in that they flouted the promise of their God.

681 Verbs to Use for the Word  rightest