90 Verbs to Use for the Word rogue

And he knew thisthe rogue!

It is said to be wisdom to set a rogue to catch a rogue.

"Hereupon the noble Sir Gui set a close watch upon the townsfolk whereby he apprehended divers suspected rogues, and putting them to the torture, found thereby proofs of their vile sedition, insomuch that though the women held their peace for the most part, certain men enduring not, did confess knowledge of a subterraneous passage 'neath the wall.

Trust no one, young mannot even me; I may turn out a rogue.

Now by the bright eyes of Nan o' the Mill, and by mine own name and that's Wat o' the Crabstaff, and by mine own mother's son, and that's myself, will I, even I, Wat o' the Crabstaff, meet this same sturdy rogue, and gin he mind not the seal of our glorious sovereign King Harry, and the warrant of the good Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, I will so bruise, beat, and bemaul his pate that he shall never move finger or toe again!

"Shoot me the cowardly rogue so soon as he turn his back," said he, whereat Gefroi laughed again, wagging his head.

" Now at this some laughed and some growled, and one stood forth before his fellows staring upon Beltane 'neath close-drawn, grizzled brows: "'Tis a rogue, and shall dance for us upon a string!" laughed he.

" "What did you tell me that for?" asked the little rogue.

To all the world I do proclaim him rogue and thief and wilful liar, the which (God willing) I will here prove upon his vile body.

Between the confusion of his affairs, and the indifference of my elder brother to things of that sort, they were either lost, burnt, or what we rather think, were stolen by a favourite servant of my brother, who proved a great rogue, and was dismissed in my brother's life; and the papers were not discovered to be missing till after my brother's death.

'My lords,' said he, 'I ride south to hang certain rogues and fools.

And Beltane answered: "No rogue, messire, but an honest man, I pray God, whom folk call Beltane the Smith.

"Dear Bathurst," he said, "was a man to my very heart's content: he hated a fool and he hated a rogue, and he hated a Whig; he was a very good hater."

Potent and shapely, ne'ertheless, Draws the rogue his flexible limbs, Body firm yet elastic, Craftily forth; the purple shell, Him so grievously binding, Leaving quietly in its place; As the perfected butterfly, From the rigid chrysalid, Pinion unfolding, rapidly glides, Boldly and wantonly sailing through Sun-impregnated ether.

We loved the rogues.

It is said to be wisdom to set a rogue to catch a rogue.

"It's slander, my lordone butcher calling another a rogue; similar to the present case.

[eBook #10511] Most recently updated: September 9, 2008 Language: English Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1 ***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK A ROGUE BY COMPULSION*** E-text prepared by Kevin Handy, Dave Maddock, Josephine Paolucci, and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team A ROGUE

He was the best Mahout I ever knew, and so great a rogue that I was obliged to discharge him.

" The landlord went off, vowing he would take the law of us if he were not paid by the morning; and we, as soon as we had shuffled on our clothes, away to hunt for Ned, thinking that maybe he had made off with the money to avoid paying half to the landlord, and hoping always that, though he might play the rogue with him, he would deal honestly by us.

Two lines ending rogue, now.

"I have been occupied, sir, in taking the lad's moral measurement: and I have pumped him as successfully as ever I cross-examined a rogue in my court.

Johnson exclaimed (smiling,) "Prosaical rogues!

And he eyed the young rogues with so charming an air, That this waterman ne'er was in want of a fare.

Thee hast might on thy side, woman, but whether thee hast right as well, shall yet be provennot by the laws of man, which are an invention of the devil to fatten rogues upon the substance of fools, but by the law of Heaven, to which I do appeal with all my soul" (lifting high his shaking hands).

90 Verbs to Use for the Word  rogue