210 Verbs to Use for the Word rolls

The Colonel took out a roll of bank bills and selected one, folded it small, and passed it towards her under the ledge of the table.

Then he drew up to his feet the dangling roll; with it in his arms he was gone into that yawning hole.

They "dressed up" sullenly as Jack called the roll for the last time, and received Trask, the new orderly, at a "present," which, though not in the tactics, Jack exacted as a penitence for the momentary revolt.

Then he gave him a parchment roll, and there was written within, "Flee from the wrath to come.

A flag was streaming from a long pole, and Fernando heard the roll of the drum and the shrill notes of a fife.

And no one knew why Kazan and the Dane drew nearer to the little scientist's side of the cage as he pulled out a big roll of bills and counted out six hundred dollars for Harker and Sandy McTrigger.

The serjeant stood in front of the little party, with a lantern, holding his muster-roll in his hand.

Go into the vet room, Rege, and bring me out a roll of bandage.

There he found four round rolls wrapped up in dressed sheepskin; one of these rolls he opened; then his mouth gaped and his eyes stared, I wot, as though they would never close again, for what did he see but fifty pounds of bright golden money?

The sun was appreciably lower, the shadows already made dusky tangles among the trees, when the man carrying the canvas roll came at last under the cliffs.

In the evening I went with Babu to buy a film roll for taking photographs for my report.

He dropped Vine heavily upon the floor, and stood there rooted to the spot, gazing at the place where only a few moments before he had seen that roll of paper.

"But we have no place for it in the Millville Tribune," she added, handing him back the roll.

Here is one: "His hand the good man fixes on the skies, And bids earth roll, nor feels the idle whirl.

And while Martine went to make up her room, she took an umbrella from the hall stand and went disconsolately to eat her roll in the garden, not knowing now how she should occupy her time until midday.

I owe a fellow thirty dollars, and I left the bank roll and my check book at camp.

" He dropped his roll and began working his way through the bushes.

But who can tell how joyful this man was when he had gotten his roll again?

"I knew, I just felt it in my bones, that that gold dust twin with his swell bathing suit and his waterproof mackinaw was going to lose his roll in the water.

Buddha thereupon removed from the folds of his tunic a gigantic roll of soiled bills of all denominations and carefully counting out five thousand dollars placed it upon the table.

There in a quiet backwater of traffic a small crowd gathers round a shabbily-dressed Panjabi, who, producing a roll of pink papers and waving them before his audience, describes them as the Prayer-treasure of the Heavenly Throne ("Duai Ganjul Arsh"), Allah's greatest gift to the Prophet.

"Peter and Ginger snatched up their sausage-rolls and follered 'im, and at last Ginger swallowed his pride and walked up to 'im and asked 'im to lend them some money.

In the interim I consulted the muster-roll of the vessel again; I found the name of George Ormond; he had sailed in her out of Liverpool, and had been discharged at the latter end of January in the West Indies, as he had told me.

On the night of the murder the unhappy woman, whom Sarah called stepmother, and who lived with the Black Prophet, saw the tobacco-box in M'Gowan's hands, and it contained a roll of bank-notes.

On his knees King opened his roll, got out a cup, and began to search for water.

210 Verbs to Use for the Word  rolls