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31 Verbs to Use for the Word « roughed »

31 Verbs to Use for the Word « roughed »

  • But he ain't sociable with every one, an' he don't like bein' handled rough.
  • CHAPTER X THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH ON THE UNDERGROUND RAILWAY It was all very well for Mr. Richard Frobisher (of the London Mail) to cut up rough about it.
  • as I behold Each lovely nymph our island's boast and pride, Push on the generous steed, that strokes along O'er rough, o'er smooth, nor heeds the steepy hill, Nor falters in the extended vale below: Their garments loosely waving in the wind, And all the flush of beauty in their cheeks!
  • "Has not a public sentiment which we hear characterized as singularly high-minded and honorable, and sensitively alive to every affront, whether real or imaginary, but which strangers denominate rough and ferocious, much to do in provoking these assaults, and then in applauding instead of punishing the offender."
  • For some distance out of Providence it was dusty and worn rough by heavy travel.
  • Of her buxom figure all spoke with enthusiasm, but they considered her rough, and one of them had a long story to tell about a box on the ear, the effects of which he claimed to have felt for a week afterwards.
  • Neither he nor she were fitted by their habits, or indeed by the conditions of their health, to encounter much "roughing," and a certain amount of that was assuredly inevitablea good deal more five-and-twenty years ago than would be the case now.
  • The Practical Farmer gives the following rough but good way to store and keep apples: "Spread plenty of buckwheat chaff on the barn floor, and on this place the apples, filling the interstices with the chaff.
  • Then he guided her down o'er the numerous blocks that were lying, Rough and unhewn on the pathway, and served as the steps of the alley.
  • And as he stood there in his lion's skin, then did Telamon their chief challenge Amphitryon's son of the mighty spear to make initiative libation of nectar, and handed on unto him the wine-cup rough with gold.
  • He laid a rough, restraining hand on her shoulder.
  • You leave it to the scientists to dispute whether the valley was formed wholly by glacial action or by some gigantic convulsion of nature, which tore its frowning cliffs apart, leaving the Valley rough, unfinished and uncouth to the gentle, molding hand of Time to smooth it up and beautify its floor with its present growth of oaks and pines and shrub and bush and ferns and vines, and laughing, running waters.
  • Langenzunge loved Old Rough and Ready,and he felt badly about his own office, too.
  • There’s no more natural consequence in the universe than playing too rough and then getting separated.
  • He was placed in Newgate and heavily ironed, and presently Grip, with drooping head and plumes rough and tumbled, was thrust into his cell.
  • The further I rode the rougher and wilder became the country, and I knew that I was approaching the haunts of the bear.
  • Now I see why he set these roughs upon me.
  • Witnesse, ye muses, how I wilful sung These heady rhimes, withouten second care; And wish'd them worse my guilty thoughts among; The ruder satire should go ragg'd and bare, And shew his rougher and his hairy hide, Tho' mine be smooth, and deck'd in carelesse pride.
  • Then the lodger did laugh, looking at her with his head hanging down, his swollen face all creased and purple, his hair sticking up rough and unkempt.
  • "We dressed to meet the weather condition and wore shoes to suit rough traveling through woods and up and down the hills of the country.
  • I couldn't get much of what was said, but he sure talked awful rough, an' she seemed to be pleadin' with him.
  • With Miles, I thought him a rough, but an honest man; but honest men may be pardoned for not foreseeing their own sudden deaths.
  • While grass is cut and greens rolled, companies in that realm continue to engage via social media with players who can’t get out and those who are about to trod the rough again.
  • There’s a couple spots where the wind is against us, and that makes turning the corner rough, but exhilaratingis definitely the word of the day.
  • It is like an earnest that the "roughing" we have undergone among Bohemian boors and Italian savages is well nigh finished, and that, henceforth, we shall find civilized sympathy and politeness, if nothing more, to make the way smoother.
  • In order to entirely avoid the roughs, the members of the company entered the theater through a private door from the hotel, as the two buildings joined each other.
  • With the support of her friends and family, Ms Clark has since developed a range of good quality, well made, functional productsthat can withstand the rough and tumble of the Australian family backyard.
  • I am not ashamed to own, with him who loves a steeplechase, That to me the charm in hunting is the ecstasy of pace, This is what best schools the soldier, teaches us that we are men Born to bear the rough and tumble, wield the sword and not the pen.
  • The race meeting had brought together the roughs of all nations, and especially from England.
  • That adulterers become more and more not men, has been abundantly confirmed to me by what I have myself been eye-witness to respecting them in hell: for there they are demons, and when seen in the light of heaven, appear to have their faces full of pimples, their bodies bunched out, their voice rough, and their gestures antic.
  • On the afternoon of Srában 20th he called in half a dozen city roughs, armed them with thick sticks, and plied them with spirits, telling them on no account to appear in the public apartments of his house until they received a signal agreed on.

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