76 Verbs to Use for the Word scalps

That is the way they act when they come back from a battle and have taken any scalps.

The Indians returned early in the morning, bringing with them the scalp of a French officer they had killed near the fort, and stated that they had seen none of the enemy except the one they had shot, and that the French possessed no pass between us and Duquesne, and had seemingly made no preparation to resist us.

And, mark me, Belle, the Navy is going to carry away the Army's scalp this year.

They had swooped down upon their victims, torn the scalps from their heads, looted the house, and set fire to it.

Mohawk feel worse dan if he lose ten, t'ree, six scalp.

Our wives and children were slain or carried captive, and on every Cherokee belt hung the scalps of my warriors.

"Save all 'e scalp!

Belike the Indians have got his scalp, and I'm not regretting it.

" "Why want your scalp?

Revolting as the ceremony of dancing round a scalp seems to us, an Indian believes it to be a sacred duty to celebrate it.

You have even been so unreasonable that whenever a poor red man has secured a few paleface scalps as trophies to hang in his wigwam you have taken your trusty rifles and gone forth with great fury and shot the poor Indian full of hard bullets.

They're stoppin' to collect that other fellow's scalp.

Nick do himwhat you give?" "No, you red rascal, I want nothing of the sortit is peace now, (this conversation took place in 1764), and you know I never bought a scalp, in time of war.

The manner of his death was not to be regretted, perhaps, as it was what he had always wished might happen; but, it was a singular fact, that Mike stood over his body, and protected it from mutilation; the County Leitrim-man having turned soldier by trade, re-enlisting regularly, as soon as at liberty, and laying up scalps on all suitable occasions.

One by one they entered the village, bearing twenty scalps of the enemy.

'I offered to buy him off, but he threatened to serve me up with dumplings and wear my scalp in his belt.

"Because it's o' no use to risk our scalps for the chance o' makin' peace wi' a rovin' war party.

" "I saw no fresh scalps," I said, "so they seem to have missed our man on the horse."

A war party was formed among the Dahcotahs to seek more scalps, more revenge.

The operation of lifting the scalp was a simple one.

His mouth set like a skunk trap and he looked at us as if he would have liked our scalps for his leggings.

" "Yes," added Mrs. Prindle, "she says you know a way of massaging the scalp, and my hair is so thin!"

Who counts more scalps than the Lenni Lenapé warrior?he can never be conqueredthe stranger shall never dwell in his glades.'

One of the richest of the older medical men set himself the job of procuring his scalp.

Then the Indians began a war-dance, waving the bloody scalp in the air with frenzied gestures as they circled around and around the lifeless body, and many of the drunken white men applauded heartily, although it must be set down in extenuation that they were so drunk as not really to understand what had taken place.

76 Verbs to Use for the Word  scalps