35 Verbs to Use for the Word scholarship

Young Barlitt won a Balliol scholarship from Sedleigh last year."

The next year he gained a scholarship, or, as they call it there, a bursary, and was at once fully occupied with classics and mathematics, hoping, however, the next year, to combine with them certain scientific studies bearing less indirectly upon the duties of the medical man.

And he went on... "I got my scholarship.

By degrees, I learned to think his plan of giving half scholarships better; and to-day I am ready to say, 'Give no scholarships at all.'

The young student at Cambridge did not conceal his royalist feeling, but obtained, nevertheless, a scholarship at Trinity, with some exemptions from the Puritan requirements of subscription.

This is a text-book written with great care, showing fine scholarship and deep piety.

"Do you mean the Goodwin scholarship?" "Yes, that's the one," answered Joel.

Had she been a young man, how easily could she have secured a scholarship, and thus worked her way through college; but for a young woman, neither Amherst, nor Dartmouth, nor Williams, nor Harvard, nor Yale, with all their wealth, had an open door.

A large number of County Councils provide "senior" scholarships to cover or partially to cover college fees.

In 1851, having received a government scholarship, she went to Munich, Bologna, and Florence, and lived three years and a half in Rome, where she was associated with Fogelberg, Overbeck, and Schnetz, and became a Catholic.

His fortune went to a theological seminary to endow scholarships and fellowships for decayed gentlemen's sons; he remembered only Verbena Wilmot.

Cosimo took the matter up: he re-established all that had been done by his illustrious predecessor, and endowed a number of professorial chairsespecially in chemistry, wherein he was himself an ardent student and sapient expertand kindred sciences, and founded scholarships or apprenticeships for youths of every station.

" Soon everybody began to appreciate his scholarship.

It needs no scholarship to understand that Name; every one may understand it who is a good father; every one may understand it who is a good son, who looks up to and obeys his father with that filial spirit of love, and obedience, and satisfaction with his father's will, which is the likeness of the Holy Spirit of God, and can only flourish in any man by the help of the Holy Spirit which proceeds from the Father and the Son.

Will it be possible for the National Women's Trade Union League to establish a training-school for women organizers, even though in the beginning it may be only a training-class, offering every trade-union girl a scholarship for a year?

He regarded his scholarship as a brilliant opportunity.

The use of notes or written outlines at the time of the recitation soon establishes a habit of dependence that renders real scholarship an impossibility.

If I fail this examination, they won't renew my scholarship.

A young woman goes into the institution who is already a scholar; she shows what she can do, and she takes a scholarship; she is not placed in a happy valley of do nothing,she is put into a workshop, where she can work.

How impressively did not the Civil War teach that fine military scholarship alone, while it may greatly add to a general's efficiency, cannot make a true military leader!

But the spirit which underlies Mr. Motley's large scholarship is so thoroughly genial and generous, and is so purified from the pedantry of knowledge and the pedantry of opinion, that it is impossible for him to rouse in other minds any of the antipathy which is often felt for powerful individualities whose powers of mind and extent of erudition still enforce respect and extort admiration.

Revering the dead and camping on their graves, elaborating exquisite monuments only to abandon and defile them, venerating scholarship and wisdom and living in ignorance and grossness, these gifted races, perpetually struggling to reach some higher level of culture from which they have always been swept down by a fresh wave of barbarism, are still only a people in the making.

He lost his scholarship however.

<b>MACMONNIES, MARY FAIRCHILD.</b> Awarded a scholarship in Paris by the St. Louis School of Fine Arts; medal at Chicago, 1893; bronze medal at Paris Exposition, 1900; bronze medal at Buffalo, 1901; gold medal at Dresden, 1902; Julia M. Shaw prize, Society of American Artists, New York, 1902.

I had thought that I saw in him a precious possession, one for which I would barter all my scholarship, my talents,aymy life itself.' 'A possession worth your life?

35 Verbs to Use for the Word  scholarship