100 Verbs to Use for the Word screen

At the end of the field of roses a Cherokee hedge grew so thick and high that it formed a screen and rampart between the house land and a dense grove of pines which was itself bordered by a stream that here and there spread out into tiny lakelets.

But we didn't enter the ward until Narayan Singh and an orderly had placed two screens around number nineteen cot, in the way they do when a man is dying, and had placed three chairs at the bedside contrary to the regulations printed on the wall.

Long Ashton church contains a fine screen, gilded and painted (the old colours being reproduced), and a 15th cent.

We shall enter China, the real China, that of folding screens and porcelain, in the territory of the vast province of Kin-Sou.

It afforded a perfect screen from the road, and on the other side there was only untrodden heath, no path or track being visible near it.

When the servant had left the room, he rose, drew the screen between the table and the door, and then came and sat down again facing Marcel.

Now Duke Ivo threw out a screen of archers and horsemen to harass the powers of Mortain what time he formed his battle in three great companies, a deep and formidable array of knights and men-at-arms whose tall lances rose, a very forest, with pennons and banderols a-flutter in the gentle wind of morning.

But now as he stood staring after her beyond all thought amazed, a white hand parted the leafy screen and the Duchess stood before him.

Denbigh watched her motions, as she put the picture carefully in a private drawer of the secretary, reopened the blind, replaced the screen, and laid the handkerchief, the last thing on his face, with a movement almost imperceptible to himself.

Bowers and Cherry-Garrard have set up a thermometer screen containing maximum thermometers and thermographs on the sea floe about 3/4' N.W. of the hut.

" The colour rose to Ida's face, the hand which held the screen shook.

They endeavored to protect themselves by raising battle-screens on the ship's side.

On either side of the fireplace stand some crimson velvet screens in burnished frames, the crown and arms worked on the velvet in characters of gold.

The company had passed large computer screens regularly on their trek through the power plant.

" He found it wildly droll to puzzle out those "crossed" four sheets of trivialities written in an Italian hand so minute and orderly that the finished page suggested a fly-screen.

No rain can penetrate such a screen as this," It was delightful to know that they would be safe and dry in case of a shower, and the children thought it must be just the prettiest tent that ever was made.

The sleek horses paced within the cool grove of trees; the bright sunlight, piercing the screen of leaves overhead, dappled their backs with flecks of gold.

For weeks she lay in hourly peril of death; we arranged a screen round the fire like a tent, and kept it full of steam to ease the panting breath, and there I sat all through those weary weeks with her on my lap, day and night.

They took the screen out on one of Day's bicycle wheel carriages and found it ran very easily over the salty ice where the sledges give so much trouble.

Finally, to make things quite clear, his old father fights him openly, tells him home-truth upon home-truth, tears away all his protective screens, and leaves him with his self-respect in tatters.

The first lot I have to offer you is a screen,six foot high,bring out the screen, Theodore!

He turned the screen off.

I may not burst the spirit's tie, Or lift the dim, mysterious screen, That hides me from thy mortal eye;

We watch screens within screens, constantly reminded, almost as in a Brecht play, of the artifice of storytelling.

The lady lowered the feather screen which she was holding between her face and the fire.

100 Verbs to Use for the Word  screen