64 Verbs to Use for the Word screws

I thought it nice ladylike work to manage such slight threads and turn such delicate screws; but fine as are the hairs of one's head, I shall seek something finer, for I can see how clumsy they will appear when I get on the eyepiece and magnify their imperfections.

At either end was fixed a steering screw, much resembling the tail-fin of a fish, capable of striking sideways, upwards, or downwards, and directing our course accordingly.

If a thread be wound upon a cylinder with an equal distance between the convolutions, it will trace a screw of a uniform pitch; and if the thread be wound upon the cylinder with an increasing distance between each convolution, it will trace a screw of an increasing pitch.

Two years later he applied his screw to a boat with an engine of six horse-power, and a speed of six miles per hour was said to have been attained.

Bodmer, in 1841, and Meyer, in 1842, employed two slides or blocks fitted over apertures in the ordinary slide valve, and which blocks were approximated or set apart by a right and left handed screw passing through both.

When it becomes necessary to key up your brasses, you will find it a good safe way to loosen up the set screw which holds the key, then drive it down till you are satisfied you have it tight.

This aroused my interest, and next day I made a minute examination of the paneling, where, in one part, I found two small brass screws that had evidently been recently removed.

" He took the lock, drew several screws from it, and then forced it open.

A.Most of the recent direct acting marine engines for driving the screw are fitted with a double acting air pump, and when the air pump is double acting, it need only be about half the size that is necessary when it is single acting.

A chain or rope, however, is better for the purpose of raising this frame, than long screws; but the frame should in such case be provided with pall catches like those of a windlass, which, if the rope should break, will prevent the screw from falling.

Mark the centre of the cylinder upon each of these pieces, and put into the bore of each trunnion an iron plate, with a small indentation in the middle to receive the centre of a lathe, and adjusting screws to bring the centre into any required position.

The screw could be altered while it was revolving, and as the wind freshened they coarsened the pitch, and when they wanted to stop the engines they coarsened the pitch so as to bring the screw right fore and aft, so that they never altered the way of the ship in changing from steam to sail alone.

[Illustration: Shackles for the legs] I bought also a thumb-screw at this shop.

Q.What do you mean by the pitch of the screw? A.A screw propeller may be supposed to be a short piece cut off a screw of large diameter like a spiral stair, and the pitch of a spiral stair is the vertical height from any given step to the step immediately overhead.

Q.Are there not arrangements existing in some vessels for enabling the screw to be lifted out of the water while the vessel is at sea?

It is next in value to white oak for making hoops; it makes the best screws, the smoothest and most durable handles for chisels, augurs, gimlets, axes, and many other common tools.

This literally means a screw or twist, but in wrestling phraseology, means any grip by which you can get such an advantage over your opponent as to defeat him.

he took a fine pair of field-glasses from the case, moved the screw a little, and held them before Dodo's eyes"what do you see down there in the grass?" "Why, it's a Robin, but how big it looks!

Then he put all the pieces in, put on the cover of it, gave something a few taps with a tiny hammer, replaced the screws, and said "Shall I come and put it on for you, sir?" "No, no; I am up to that much," said Mr Macmichael.

The saddle was hung on the stockyard rail, And the poor old horse stood whisking his tail, For there never was seen such a regular screw As Wallabi Joe, of Bunnagaroo; Whilst the shearers all said, as they say, of course, That Wallabi Joe’s a fine lump of a horse; But the stockmen said, as they laughed aside, He’d barely do for a Sunday’s ride.

This should be done after you have set the set screws in eccentric down solid on the shaft.

I put up my instrument, but scarcely had the screw-driver touched the new screw than out it flew from its socket, rolled along the floor of the 'walk,' dropped quietly through a crack into the gutter of the house-roof.

The waters of the Reuss and the Tessin supplied the necessary motive power for working the screws attached to machinery for compressing the air.

Archimedes detected the mixture of silver in a crown of gold which his patron, Hiero of Syracuse, ordered to be made; and he invented a water-screw for pumping water out of the hold of a great ship which he had built.

One man who confessed that a set-screw in his goggles worked loose was expelled from the club as too matter-of-fact to be eligible for membership, and the maker of the machine he used sent four-page communications to each trade paper explaining that the loosening of the set-screw was due to no defect in the machine, but was entirely the fault of the driver, who jarred the screw loose by winking his eye.

64 Verbs to Use for the Word  screws
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