142 Verbs to Use for the Word searching

I began my search, systematically.

But you must continue the search, and you must let me know, from day to day, what you learn.

Toward evening, I gave up the search, and returned to the house.

To Jacob this enforced halt, at a time when he believed it was vitally necessary he should be making search for his father, was most painful, and despite all Sergeant Corney and I could say or do to relieve his distress of mind,

After taking my rooms, I strolled about the flat, uninteresting town, wondering how best to commence my search.

So I did not abandon the search until I had become fully satisfied that the thief is a more astute man than myself.

I propose that we forthwith institute a search for this stigma, the discovery of which may contribute to justify our proceedings in the eyes of the world.

If the yacht had really escaped a search, then it was a most unusual thing.

Nothing rewarded my masterly search.

Professor Challis said he would conduct the search himself, and shortly began a leisurely and dignified series of sweeps around the place designated by theory, cataloguing all the stars he observed, intending afterward to sort out his observations, compare one with another, and find out whether any one star had changed its position; because if it had it must be the planet.

Next day, I resumed my search through the gardens; but without result.

The seizure of the papers effected, the gentlemen did not pursue their further search through Castlewood House very rigorously.

When this was done, and the man had gone his way, the night was found to be so far advanced that it was deemed useless to renew the search before the next morning.

" I agreed, and we went forward once more, though rather aimlessly; for we were not at all certain in which direction to prosecute our search.

In the open ocean, northward of the frozen zone, this order, though no doubt almost universally present, generally eludes the search of the naturalist; except when its species are congregated amongst that mucous scum which is sometimes seen floating on the waves, and of whose real nature we are ignorant; or when the coloured contents of the marine animals who feed on these Algae are examined.

" The three made their way upstairs, where they started a thorough search of the house; and at last Jack ran onto a closet in which were stored half a dozen suits of civilian clothes.

As she went on, the tremor returned, and before she had finished the fruitless search her heart beat so as to stop her breath; she gasped in an agony that the soul rarely feels more than once in this life.

Vincent thus cared for, Rosa began to think of the other poor fellows in her brother's squadron, and set about a systematic search for them.

At that, being convinced by this time that Tompkins was indeed done to death, we ceased our search; but first, before we left the spot, the bo'sun climbed out to get a sight of the dead weed man and after him the rest of the men, for they were greatly curious to see clearly what manner of creature it was that had attacked us in the night.

The next morning I saw the adjutant, whose name was Renner and whose title was that of major; but first I, as spokesman, underwent a search for hidden weapons at the hands of a secret service man.

And truly, how the time passed, I know not; but there came presently a hullabaloo, and the shouts of men's voices and the baying of dogs, and the gleam of lanthorns, so that I knew not what to think; until, very sudden, and with a sweet and strange little laughter, the Lady Mirdath to perceive that we had missed the hours utter in our converse; so that her Guardian (made uneasy because of the three foot-pads) had ordered a search.

Richard and Fauconbridge, follow the search; You may prevent mischance by meeting Gloster.

" Thus our Lady in the Eleusinian procession of search represents the restless search of all her children.

That fact bites us all; it does not require a search.

He traced a few steps, also, the tracks of the calf; but, seeing no blood, soon relinquished the search.

142 Verbs to Use for the Word  searching