308 Verbs to Use for the Word seated

He immediately took his seat on one side of the Marechale in front of the box, one of the ambassadresses, Princess Hohenlohe

Finding his frankness to be thus seasoned with hospitality, we resumed our seats.

"Major, I have just left that seat," said Bache.

" It was obvious that they did so and one said, "If I thought my occupying a seat on the Board would lead to this, I would sooner have given my shares away!"

Here she soon found a seat.

Reaching the dépôt just as the train came in, we easily found the Lieutenant, and giving him the back seat in the ambulance we were soon headed for camp.

When they came, he did not rise to receive them, but kept his seat, as if they had been persons in a private station, and his answer to their address was, "that there was more need to retrench his honors than to enlarge them."

The premier thought he could this particular faction by offering its leader a seat in the cabinet.

I resolve to go upon the StageI resign my Seat in the LegislatureTexas Jack"The Scouts of the Plains"A

It was his money that finally secured the seat in Congress for Oswald, who was his tenant and debtor.

He turned in his seat, and there, not a mile and a half away, was a ship of war.

While the members of the legal profession struggled to obtain seats in the body of the court, an entirely different class of spectators struggled to get into the gallery.

"You mustn't change your seats without permission.

The strife that followed had its opéra-bouffe aspect in the utter helplessness of far-off Turkey, incapable of reaching the seat of war; but it had also its tragic scandal in the accusation of cruelty made against the Italian troops.

But it seemed a hopeless attemptso utterly helpless was the Sachem, and so unable to retain his seat.

No Catholic, Jew, Dissenter or poor man had a vote or could hold a seat in Parliament.

CHAPTER XXVII THE LAST ACT OF THE DRAMA I overslept, next morning, so outrageously that it was not until I had got a seat in a subway express that I had time to open my paper.

(1155-1189), when Robert de Byron adopted the spelling of his name afterwards retained, and by his marriage with Cecilia, heir of Sir Richard Clayton, added to the family possessions an estate; in Lancashire, where, till the time of Henry VIII., they fixed their seat.

Unless they know the stranger, he will be apt to lose the seat of his breeches.

Stoddard himself was well aware that a factory girl could not with propriety accept a seat in his car; yet when once they were settled side by side, and the car resumed that swift, tireless climb which is the wonder and delight of the mechanical vehicle, it was characteristic that both put aside definitely and completely all hesitations and doubts.

Then he bought the present family seat of Greywill Hill near the little village of Odiham in Hampshire.

Cave always began by saying he could never go through this ordeal without the help and sympathy of his dear wifehis support and joyat whose bidding and in pursuit of whose dreams he had come forward to win a seat in their uncorruptible borough, and to represent themthe most coveted honour of his lifein the House of Commons.

When monarchy was overthrown and a Commonwealth attempted, Vane reluctantly filled a seat in the council, and, resuming his place as a legislator, amidst the floating wrecks of the English constitution, he clung to the existing parliament as to the only fragment on which it was possible to rescue English liberty.

A fountain splashes in the courtyard below, and a low wall forms a long seat where the devout pass the evening hours in that curt and epigrammatic conversation, which is more peaceful than the quick talk of Frenchmen, and deeper than the babble of Italy.

The Government, which, by virtue of the new laws, had meanwhile transferred its seat to Budapest, displayed extraordinary energy in the face of the sad difficulties besetting it.

308 Verbs to Use for the Word  seated