215 Verbs to Use for the Word second

" Jacob drew one of the twigs without stopping to make a selection, I took the second, and Sergeant Corney opened his hand to show the third.

Don't you wait a second.

I tried to count the seconds in order to have some knowledge of the passage of time; but could not fix my mind upon such a simple act.

" "Aye," said General Wolcott, and then paused a brief second, for his wife's death, had been the forfeit paid for Moppet's birth, and this was one reason why the child had become the family idol.

The Giants returned home and beat Brooklyn in the first game and lost the second.

" I hesitated a second.

The motion seemed to me to be like a slight shuffle from west to east, lasting three or four seconds, a gentle rocking back and forth, with eight or ten vibrations.

At any rate Jerry was given just about five seconds to turn the corner, and thus place the tree between himself and his enemy.

The incident which finished the contest between Ronleigh College and Wraxby Grammar School occupied barely three seconds of time; yet it was remembered and spoken about many years after those concerned in it had passed on to swell the ranks of the "old boys.

I will amend my statement by saying that I will send a second to see you.

"The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat," cried TAFFY, and with a flourish he hastened to his hiding place, while the poor poet, disconsolate in his first loss, returned home only to find a second; and the culprit was still free.

The Mussalmans holdand I venture to think they rightly holdthat so long as British promises remain unfulfilled, so long is it impossible for them to tender whole-hearted fealty and loyalty to the British connection; and if it is to be a choice for a devout Mussalman between loyalty to the British connection and loyalty to his Code and Prophet, he will not require a second to make his choice,and he has declared his choice.

Of these Allan Cunningham wrote the second, and B.W. Procter (Barry Cornwall) the other two.

It will be found as we proceed (see p. 66) that the reference to 'poison' comes into the poem as a direct reproduction from the Elegy of Moschus upon Bionbeing the passage which forms the second of the two mottoes to Adonais.

A third followed the second, then came the turn of the fourth and the fifth, in such wise, indeed, that after a final arrangement, he had not even kept a whole share for himself; but simply some portion of the sixth.

"Concessions forced by violence from all the legal powers are not a means of safety," said Duchâtel; "one defeat would quickly bring a second.

It would not be safe to defer firing another second.

There were, however, two doors; and as he passed the second, the Countess, Lady Constance, and Marmaduke came out just before him.

The day before yesterday Mercy sent me your precious letter, and yesterday I received a second.

But I shall remind him of our engagement once the campaign is ended, and shall ask my second to call upon him.

He laid hold of the canoe and rested a few seconds, panting, smiling broadly at her.

Good wages paid on the nail run the cook a close second.

" "Sure, we celebrate every second of August, and it comes every year.

Then they would spring up, and after standing a few seconds, fall down, and groan, and pant.

The boycott of government service and the law-courts is aimed at the first, the boycott of government controlled schools is to stop the second.

215 Verbs to Use for the Word  second