859 Verbs to Use for the Word sensing

I have lost that awful sense of dread, and my only desire seems to be to sleepsleep.

Even with a snow-blurred trail, the Boy's vivid remembrance of the other journey gave them the sustaining sense that they were going right.

Arriving opposite it, we walked out on to the projecting arm of rock, and I must confess to having felt an intolerable sense of terror as I looked down from that dizzy perch into the unknown depths below usinto the deeps from which there rose ever the thunder of the falling water and the shroud of rising spray.

For my own part, I never presume to contemplate your Lordship, but my Soul bows with a perfect Veneration to your Mighty Mind; and while I have ador'd the delicate Effects of your uncommon Wit, I have wish'd for nothing more than an Opportunity of expressing my infinite Sense of it; and this Ambition, my Lord, was one Motive of my present Presumption in Dedicating this Farce to your Lordship.

'Ain't you men got no sense for seein' things?

When I recovered my senses, it was to find that I had been in bed for nearly two weeks.

The thought of sitting in it brought a faint sense of comfort to my bewildered wretchedness.

It is not an alluring life, and, in my opinion, the jolly old world shows its sense in steering clear of it.

Every one was really a "character," and Uncle John's nieces, who all possessed a keen sense of humor, enjoyed the oddities of the Millvillites immensely.

We have now, therefore, merely to put together the melancholy facts connected with his death, and which will convey to another generation a just sense of the value, in our time, attached to a noble and exalted genius.

All previous editions read 'Then thou' which makes no sense.

Stop it now and talk sense, or I'll get up.

But, having a vast deal more sense than the District Attorney, he saw that the idea that I had carried off these negroes to sell them again for my own profit was not tenable.

As though he were blind and had to use the sense of touch to reassure him.

The very excess of the provision beyond the needs, takes away all sense of proportion between the end and means.

" Meanwhile, until we can make the system better, our appreciation of "What is" affects our sense of "What should be."

I experienced the sense of tragedy.

We are called upon, not only to import provisions, clothing, and household and industrial goods into our new possessions; we are called upon to develop a higher sense of honor, truth, honesty, and every-day morality.

In Florence, perhaps, in the Middle Ages; but not here in the twentieth century!" "I can scarcely believe my own senses," Godfrey agreed.

The italicized words in the following list retain special senses of this kind.

From all these elevating modes of intelligence, it must be obvious to such as are not perfectly blind, how the soul, leaving sense and body behind, surveys through the projecting energies of intellect those beings that are entirely exempt from all connection with a corporeal nature.

When I found my senses I was under Elisha Boone's Samaritan care in the house where you saw me at first.

The vista only served to increase our sense of loneliness and peril.

Even now the hapless midshipman whose frollicking had been the cause of the disaster, did not immediately regain his full senses.

This bad habit, if it extend over a large portion of the recitation and destroy notably the sense of the words, may bind sub gravi to repetition, as this fault or habit affects the very substance of recitation.

859 Verbs to Use for the Word  sensing