431 Verbs to Use for the Word sentence

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" "So do I," added Diggory, as he finished the sentence; "we could very well spare him.

Aeacus hears the case against Claudius, refuses to hear the other side and passes sentence against him, quoting the line: "As he did, so be he done by, this is justice undefiled.

Some wine was offered us, which appeared to me to be neither more nor less than vinegar; and, what added to my surprise, a bottle, which they said was not yet fit to drink, seemed to me to be pretty good, the Brahmin having passed it to me for my judgment, as soon as they pronounced upon it sentence of condemnation.

Ægeon, an old merchant of Syracuse, was discovered in the streets of Ephesus, and brought before the duke, either to pay this heavy fine, or to receive sentence of death.

Children in the ordinary Elementary Schools in Italy, though taught in large classes, can write long sentences to dictation in four or five months.

The Atchievement's great and new; but now I think on't, I'm resolv'd to hear my Sentence from the Mouth of the perfidious Trollop, for yet I cannot credit it.

Finally, she persuaded a little girl, only six years old, to take her dusky face out of the long flowing veil of the nun, and show how quickly she could read a sentence that Sister Winifred wrote on the blackboard.

"To suspect me," Edith Morriston completed his sentence with a smile.

" Is it so hard to preserve a natural aspect in telling or suggesting a lie that Charles's look should change as I uttered the last sentence?

So you would be the first that gives this sentence, and he the first that suffers it.

" "They might ifwell" He left the sentence unfinishedthe last resource of the sneak and the coward who wishes to reserve to himself the letter of the denial in the spirit of the meanest lie.

" These compliments exchanged, the Prince at once proceeded to more practical matters, aptly, however, connecting his next sentence with the formal phrases preceding it.

[40] "Belvidere; or, The Garden of the Muses," 8vo, 1600, in which are quoted sentences out of Spenser, Constable, and the rest, digested under a commonplace.

Even at the last, when Agnes spoke so scornfully of the little yellow dog, the girl seemed to be more amused than annoyed; and she quite understood Miss Agnes's unfinished sentence, too, and Dora's little device to make it unfinished.

The object of our attention showed marked surprise as we approached her, and yet more when, seeing that I was at a loss for words, Eveena herself spoke a kindly and gracious sentence.

If I was not a subscriber, perhaps I had been in the Penitentiary, served out a sentence at Sing Sing, or procured a divorce from my wife?

" For a moment the voice of the youthful moralist had failed her; but anxiety in behalf of her sister overcame her feelings, and she ended the sentence with earnestness.

If any individual were accused of a crime against the republic or of any offence against the laws, the judges appeared at the sound of the bell to hold a summary court of justice, and the citizens surrounded the trial-seat, prepared to execute the sentence.

" Gleefully he repeated the sentence.

Previously the method of carrying out a sentence of death had been to the criminal.

He was a criminal by profession and had undergone several heavy sentences for burglary.

And she began another sentence: "What a pity!

" I commend especially the chapter containing the sentence, "This war may prove to us the wisdom and economy of devoting public funds to mothers rather than to crèches and juvenile asylums;" and also the chapter in which the author tells women that if they are merely looking for a soft place in life their collective demand for a fair field and no favor will be wholly ineffective.

" "Mea, Mea," the mother admonished her, "I propose to do all I can to keep Leonore here as long as possible, but" "But, Mea, she might be put to flight with fear and never be seen again if you attack your poor brothers in such a way," Kurt quickly concluded the mother's sentence.

431 Verbs to Use for the Word  sentence
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