70 Verbs to Use for the Word serenities

Following the cannon-shot came a miscellaneous assortment of small projectiles, which had the effect of creating some excitement among the atmospheric animalculae, but failed to disturb the serenity of M. GODARD or myself.

And after the departure of Benjamin, whom Dominique took with him, Mathieu and Marianne recovered the joyful serenity and peace born of the work which they had so prodigally accomplished.

The project of Mrs. Wilson succeeded in a great measure; but although Egerton fell, Jane did not find she rose in her own estimation; and her friends wisely concluded that time was the only remedy that could restore her former serenity.

And he had now, as was frequently his custom, strolled out to enjoy the calm serenity, and the splendid beauty, of a midnight scene.

And was it the inspiring remembrance of his master's calm bearing under these afflictions which heartened him to maintain a noble serenity under even greater provocation? "April 21, 1812.

Peace in their homes gives serenity to the minds of husbands, and disposes them to receive agreeably the kindnesses offered by their wives, 285.

If she was a bit more subdued, a trifle less high-spirited than was her habit, if she refused positively to sit with her back to any door or to retire for the night until her quarters had been examined, if (as Lanyard suspected) she was never unarmed for a moment, day or night, she permitted no signs of mental strain to mar the serenity of her countenance or betray the studied graciousness of her gestures.

Nothing can equal the serenity of their lives.

Then he turned to Sir Stephen, whose face had resumed its usual serenity, and was fixed in the smile appropriate to the occasion.

In the sad Meditations of Aurelius we find a pure serenity, sweetness, and docility to the commands of God, which before him were unknown, and which Christian grace has alone surpassed.

So far neither Pascal nor Clotilde had any great merit in preserving their serenity in misfortune, for they did not feel it.

She had lost that delicate serenity of manner, that almost protective affection which he had grown to lean upon and expect.

Through it all Newman retained his serenity, and, though a master of irony and satire, kept his literary power always subordinate to his chief aim, which was to establish the truth as he saw it.

to the heart at ease, but nothing could bring serenity to the troubled breast of Delia.

He was sound asleep, having played poker and drunk until an hour before; but when I awoke him I could not but admire the serenity of the man.

Some day, when I shall have attained serenity and peace, when the battle has been fought and lost, I will revisit my youth.

To the north Sheila saw a further serenity of mountains, lying low and soft on the horizon, of another and more wistful blue.

They appeared discontented with their recent vote, and yet at the same time showed the serenity of a tranquil countenance.

On the whole I do not think that Sir AUCKLAND GEDDES, who has now definitely succeeded Sir ALBERT STANLEY as President of the Board of Trade, is to be congratulated on exchanging the academic serenity of McGill University for the turmoil of Whitehall (Bear) Gardens.

All her pure and triumphant beauty expressed the serenity of her submission, the tranquillity with which she gave herself, before the assembled people, in the full light of day.

"Even if my life were spoilt," she goes on, after a moment or two, her voice gaining firmness, and her face a pale serenity, "even if it werebut it is notindeed it is not.

We seem lifted up into an ethereal atmosphere; we feel a serenity of soul, a buoyancy of spirits, an elasticity of frame, which render mere existence happiness.

Ever from his heart Was fled the sweet serenity of life, And the deep anguish dug the early grave "Woewoe to him"such were his warning words, Answering some curious and impetuous brain, "Woefor her face shall charm him never more!

Like some blue day That grows more lovely as it fades away, Gaining that calm serenity and height Of colour wanted, as the solemn night

The time has not yet come to write the history of his careerfuliginous in not a few of its earlier phases, gathering serenity towards its close,finding a soul of goodness in things evil.

70 Verbs to Use for the Word  serenities