168 Verbs to Use for the Word sermon

It is a tradition that a minister must, in general, preach two set sermons every week, give one informal week-day lecture, and be prepared to deliver, at any moment, funeral addresses, anniversary speeches, "remarks," or to perform other utterly impossible intellectual feats.

Some will say, to hear the sermon.

The ridotto had to be put off because there was no one to attend it, and the women who remained in town spent their time between reading Sherlock's sermons and making earthquake gowns, in which they proposed to sit out of doors all night.

Nothing will come of it if Peter is not impressed, but all I need to do is to tell him there's a prospective star salesman up at Delafield, and his man who has that territory will be looking up your John Wesley before you have time to write another sermon.

He seemed grimmer and gaunter than ever that morning, and as he looked around the great Hall, he shook his head at its faded grandeur reprehensively, as if he could, if time permitted, deliver a sermon on the prodigality, the wicked wastefulness, which had brought ruin on the house, and rendered it necessary for him to extend his charity to the penniless orphan.

He had lately published a sermon on Roads, a sermon on the Moral Uses of the Sea, a sermon on Stormy Sabbaths, and a sermon on Unconscious Influence,all treated in a very striking manner.

I had taken to going to the church in James Town, first at Mr. Lambie's desire, and then because I liked the sermons.

I gave him the sermon and the proper handkerchief, then left him to his hour of seclusion before service, when even Sophie never went nigh.

Let me then begin this sermon with a parable.

CHAPPELL, CLOVIS G. Sermons from the parables.

Do you remember the sermon of Horace Bushnell on the "Populating Power of the Christian Faith"?

Dr. Hugh Blair has taken a week to compose a sermon.'

" "I want no sermons," she answered, abruptly.

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He was assuredly preparing a sermon.

Amongst those whose sermons she much enjoyed were Mr. Howels of Long Acre, Mr. Harington Evans, and Mr. Blunt, of Chelsea.

After the minister had ended his sermon, as he sat in the pew he whispered to his aunt, saying, "I wish you would lend me a guinea and I will give it to you again when we get home."

For a moment he paused; when, casting an anxious glance to the pew of the baronet, he commenced his sermon.

He told me then that he had never forgotten my firm refusal to go with him, and he had never forgotten the sermon to which he had listened hidden from sight by the bank.

He took down Ogden's Sermons on Prayer, on which I set a very high value, having been much edified by them, and he retired with them to his room.

"It always appears to me, Miss Effingham," said one, "that I hear and understand the sermon better in one of the low pews, than in one of the old high-backed things, that look so much like pounds.

I trusted that he had got the proper sermon.

To meet them, it required three sermons on the Sabbath, besides many others during the week.

" Promptly came back the reply, "Am bringing my own sermons."

That volume contained ten sermons, of which the publisher said that "the two last, against pragmaticalness and meddling in the affairs of others, do not so properly belong to this subject."

168 Verbs to Use for the Word  sermon