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14 Verbs to Use for the Word « severer »

14 Verbs to Use for the Word « severer »

  • These Passages are all worked off with so much Art, that they are capable of pleasing the most delicate Reader, without offending the most severe.
  • The difficult, and softens the severe; The cloud on Nature's beauteous face dispels,
  • "The most severe I ever remember," said Mr. Taynton.
  • It was not till after she had dined with her mother, that Miss Bertram sent for her little nephews again, and then she gave them a severer scolding than they had received from her for a long time.
  • The members of a court-martial sit in full uniform, including sash and sword, and preserve a most severe and becoming dignity.
  • By this time a boat from the English ship, the Sultan, had put off to board the Severe, which was supposed to have struck, when a fearful broadside from all the ship's port-holes struck the Sultan, which found herself obliged to sheer off.
  • Then he remained rigid for some time, without moving any of his limbs, wearing the same severe, almost repellent, look as before, and only growling out twice, "Aha!"
  • One of the editors of the Anti-Slavery Standard, at that time, wrote a severe, though by no means abusive article on the subject, headed "Rare Specimen of a Quaker Preacher."
  • On the 24th of May 1843 Dr. Pusey, intending to balance and complement the severer, and, to many, the disquieting aspects of doctrine in his work on Baptism, preached on the Holy Eucharist as a comfort to the penitent.
  • Not at the greatest height I reached among the Himalayas, nor on the Steppes of Tartary, had I experienced a cold severer than this.
  • It might perhaps be surmised that the Dutch were too easy-going for success in slave management, were it not that those who settled in Guiana became reputed the severest of all plantation masters.
  • Admiral Hughes claimed the Severe, which had for an instant hauled down her flag.
  • Ought I to expect so severe a reprimandsevere, because cold and ironicalfor an offence, venial as the wish to proclaim my gratitude?" "Gratitude!" repeated Alida, and this time her wonder was not feigned.
  • The word acute may often be confused by the general public to mean 'severe'.

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