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274 Verbs to Use for the Word  shaping

274 Verbs to Use for the Word shaping

Almost immediately after the opening of the exposition, the project took shape, and it was decided that France should participate in the Congress and send three representatives.

See what ogre shapes these things assume as the darkness deepens.

As they passed, they changed their shapes a thousand times a minute, as though writhing with a strange life; and so were gone.

By putting a layer of moss underneath, so much fruit is not required, besides giving a better shape to the dish.

Arthur Cumberland glanced at the bottle the detective held up, saw the label, saw the shape, and sank limply in his chair, his eyes starting, his jaw falling.

Sago absorbs the liquid in which it is cooked, becomes transparent and soft, and retains its original shape.

By the end of summer the hill of Muntar had lost its shape.

This ligament not only retains the lens in place, but is capable of altering its shape.

The coil of wire, being , instantly resumed its original shape.

Great expedition is necessary in making this sweet dish; as, if the meringues are not put into the oven as soon as the sugar and eggs are mixed, the former melts, and the mixture would run on the paper, instead of keeping its egg-shape.

And the soft wind crooned and whispered in the leavesleaves that parting, showed other shapes swung high in air, whose pallid faces looked down on them, awful-eyed, from the tender green, faces drawn and haggard, with teeth agleam or open mouths whence screams had come, but very silent now until the Day of Judgment.

Nan never felt alone now in this charmed wood; for when she came into its precincts, once so full of solitude, all things seemed to wear one shape, familiar eyes looked at her from the violets in the grass, familiar words sounded in the whisper of the leaves, and she grew conscious that an unseen influence filled the air with new delights, and touched earth and sky with a beauty never seen before.

Making short reaches, Roswell ere long found himself fully a mile to windward of the rocks, and sufficiently near to the new floe to discern its shape, drift, and general character.

And I will do that not because of any hope that God in His mercy will see fit to restore your shape, but solely because I love you.

Sometimes he would describe to me the odd shapes and varieties of fishes that were in the sea, and tell me tales of the sea-monsters that lay hid at the bottom, and were seldom seen by men; and what a glorious sight it would be, if our eyes could be sharpened to behold all the inhabitants of the sea at once, swimming in the great deeps, as plain as we see the gold and silver fish in a bowl of glass.

Duchemin noticed a few shadowy shapes loitering about, but was too far gone in fatigue and thirst to pay them any heed.

How features are abroad, I know not; but believe me, sir, I would not wish any companion in the world but you, nor can my imagination form any shape but yours that I could like.

I guess you sure know the shape of an oar-lock all rightkind of round, but open at the top.

She farther added, that spinning and sewing were unhealthy occupations; they would give the girls the habit of stooping, which would spoil their shapes; and that their thoughts would be more likely to be running on idle and dangerous fancies, when sitting at their needles, than when engaged in more active occupations.

This is supported by a king-post, with poles and lances slanting from it, and is rather more than twenty cubits high, having the shape of a tope.

The Hickory throws out its branches at first very obliquely from the shaft; afterwards the lower ones bend down as the tree increases in size, and acquire an irregular and contorted shape; for, notwithstanding their toughness, they bend easily to the weight of their fruit and foliage.

He peered curiously at clouds to find strange shapes in them, and in his pursuit of the grotesque examined the spittle of sick persons on the walls or ground, hoping for suggestions of monsters, combats of horses, or fantastic landscapes.

Place over hot water and cook, beating constantly with egg beater for 7 to 12 minutes or until mixture will hold its shape.

If a snake Crawl from beneath our feet we do not ask A license to destroy him: our good governors Hedge in the life of every pest and plague That bears the shape of man; and for what purpose, But to protect themselves from extirpation?

He remembered labouring up the stairs, half walking, half supported by the strong arms of the footman, Jean, who was in shirt, trousers and slippers only, while in front of them moved the shape of Madame de Montalais en nรฉgligรฉe, carrying a lighted candle and constantly looking back.

It must be allowed to regain its natural shape without interference.

No evidence could preserve its original shape after Platt had done with it.

HEIGH-HO, THE CARRION CROW A carrion crow sat on an oak, Fol de riddle, lol de riddle, hi ding do, Watching a tailor shape his cloak; Sing heigh-ho, the carrion crow, Fol de riddle, lol de riddle, hi ding do! Wife, bring me my old bent bow, Fol de riddle, lol de riddle, hi ding do, That I may shoot yon carrion crow; Sing heigh-ho, the carrion crow, Fol de riddle, lol de riddle, hi ding do!

Mould the substance anew, and the projected shadow must represent the altered shape within.

"But you've got a shape that sets off anything," said the saleswoman, carelessly dealing out the compliments she kept in stock with her goods for purchasers.

Nature, too, had endowed her with fine lines of beauty, attitudes of grace, movements of dignity and love, and all the charmfulness that had learned its shapes from flowers and its arts from birds.

So with her waving pencil CREWE commands The realms of Taste, and Fancy's fairy lands; Calls up with magic voice the shapes, that sleep In earth's dark bosom, or unfathom'd deep; That shrined in air on viewless wings aspire, 300 Or blazing bathe in elemental fire.

I daresay the ghosts you knew still trace out the shape of the House in the air.

It may seem to some that I have founded my theory on a very narrow basis; that I am building up an inverted pyramid; or that, considering the numberless, complex, fantastic shapes which superstition has assumed, bodily fear is too simple to explain them all.

" Again, so gradually that no step of the process could be separately distinguished, formed a panorama of vegetable and animal life; a landscape in which appeared some dozen primal shapes of either kingdom.

Many such trees are seen in recent clearings; and when their termination is a regular hemisphere of branches and foliage, the tree exhibits a shape nearly approaching that of a parasol.

But he's like one, that over a sweet face Puts a deformed vizard; for his soul Is free from any such intents of ill: Only to try my patience he puts on An ugly shape of black intemperance; Therefore, this blot of shame which he now wears, I with my prayers will purge, wash with my tears.

Behind me lay the sweet moonlight, My shadow went before, And passed a dark and gloomy shape Before me through the door.

At the very top there is a spring, the water of which, always in front of the apartments in the rock, goes round among the rooms, now circling, now curving, till in this way it arrives at the lowest story, having followed the shape of the structure, and flows out there at the door.

Something loomed out under a great peak, a shape of greyness.

If the various laws which have determined the shape of each fragment were not predetermined for the builder's sake, can it be maintained with any greater probability that He specially ordained for the sake of the breeder each of the innumerable variations in our domestic animals and plants,many of these variations being of no service to man, and not beneficial, far more often injurious, to the creatures themselves?

Double the amount of flour may be used, nuts and raisins omitted, and mixture chilled and rolled out and cut in any desired shape, before baking.

"What do you mean?" "Why, I can't explain it exactly," continued Migwan, pausing in the act of doubling back her blanket to fit the shape of the poncho, "but she's different, somehow.

The germ-idea of Kipling's Finest Story in the World is to be found in Poe's Tale of the Ragged Mountains; Apuleius's germ-plot, of the man who was changed by enchantment into an ass, and could only recover his human shape by eating rose-leaves, was taken either from Lucian or from Lucius of Patrae.

Methinks I hear, methinks I see Ghosts, goblins, fiends; my phantasy Presents a thousand ugly shapes, Headless bears, black men, and apes, Doleful outcries, and fearful sights, My sad and dismal soul affrights.

Out from your ruddy center shoot tatters and shreds of gold, sudden spurts of blue, and smoke that twists upwards and draws queer shapes of beasts ...

I liked the shape.

with concave and cylinder glasses, we may reflect any shape of men, devils, antics, (as magicians most part do, to gull a silly spectator in a dark room), we will ourselves, and that hanging in the air, when 'tis nothing but such an horrible image as [2704]Agrippa demonstrates, placed in another room.

The pie, as it is called, consists of a trench, lined and covered with straw; the potatoes in it being piled in the shape of a house roof, to the height of about three feet.

But Snowdon, certainly, does not owe its shape to the fact of one of these old fire vents being under it.

So for a space, standing yet within the shade of the woods, Beltane stared fierce-eyed, the while Giles, with Roger at his elbow, pointed out divers shapes that dangled high in air, at sight of which the friar knelt with bowed head and lips that moved in prayer: and Walkyn, scowling, muttered in his beard.

Its unusual formations of cavern and pillar and half-arch led me to expect any monstrous stone-shape left by avalanche or cataclysm.

Her daughters, who have faces the same shape as hers, dress their coiffures similarly.

The expression was finally used in earnest, and, by euphoric changes, reached its present shape.

Yet does that burst of woe congeal my frame, When the dark streets appeared to heave and gape, While like a sea the storming army came, And Fire from Hell reared his gigantic shape, And Murder, by the ghastly gleam, and Rape Seized their joint prey, the mother and the child!

This setting of the Dies Irae is touching and severe; the melody is broad, sombre, threatening; the accompaniment reminds one of the dull rattling of the skeletons reassuming their original shape.

It was a mere clause of an act of Congress, and, like any other controverted matter of legislation, received its final shape and was passed by compromise of the conflicting opinions or sentiments of the members of Congress.

The street was dark, but as the singers, stepping rythmically, passed the open door of the store, Mandy recognized a shape she knew.

Thus incorporeal Spirits to smallest Forms Reduced their Shapes immense, and were at large, Though without Number, still amidst the Hall Of that Infernal Court.

" Dante turned toward the voice, and beheld a shape glowing red as in a furnace, with a visage too dazzling to be looked upon.

And now did the mighty roan prove himself a very Mars indeed, for, beset round about by fierce, lean shapes that crouched and leapt with cruel, gleaming fangs, he stamped and reared and fought them off, neighing loud defiance.

But to define all the shapes of private tyranny would require whole histories; it is safe, however, to say that so far as any human being attempts to set up his own individual need or preference as law to determine the action of any other human being, in small matters or great, so far forth he is a tyrant.

The Arabic figures can be made by drawing round the number groups, or by laying out their shapes in little sticks.

"Ring out old shapes of foul disease; Ring out the narrowing lust of gold; Ring out the thousand wars of old, Ring in the thousand years of peace.

The glass fell away, and left a little statue of ice, just the shape of the bottle, standing in its place.

Borne like a leaf by some soft eddying wind, Mine eyes, impelled as by enchantment sweet, From part to part with circling motion rove, Yet seem unconscious of the power to move; From line to line through endless changes run, O'er countless shapes, yet seem to gaze on One.

Nay, fold your arms, beloved Friends, Above the hearts that vainly beat! Or catch the rainbow where it bends, And find your darling at its feet; Or fix the fountain's varying shape, The sunset-cloud's elusive dye, The speech of winds that round the cape Make music to the sea and sky: So may you summon from the air

And out of the numb exuberant wreckage of your days come these raku pots graceful open shapes, lines freely scratched into the clay, deep turquoise, copper glazes, extravagant, surprised, too beautiful for tears.

Thus therefore will I live betwixt two shapes; When as I list, in this transform'd disguise, I'll fright the country-people as they pass; And sometimes turn me to some other form, And so delude them with fantastic shows.

The Hodmadods of Monomatapa, though a nasty people, yet for wealth are gentlemen to these; who have no houses, and skin garments, sheep, poultry, and fruits of the earth, ostrich eggs, etc., as the Hodmadods have: and setting aside their human shape, they differ but little from brutes.

To accomplish this, the doctor makes the shape of the animal of bark, which is placed in a bowl of water mixed with red earth, which he sets outside of the wigwam where some young men are standing, who are instructed by the doctor how and when to shoot the animal.

While travellers who want the skill To mark the shapes of good and ill, With vacant stare thro' Europe range, And deem all bad, because 'tis strange; Thro' varying modes of life, you trace The finer trait, the latent grace, And where thro' every vain disguise You view the human follies rise, The stroke of irony you dart With force to mend, not wound the heart.

I waked, to find it first awake, I rose, it followed me; I tried to drop it in the crowd, To lose it in the sea, In cups of artificial drowse To sleep its shape away, The grave was finished, but the spade Remained in memory.

It was late when Lanyard got home, but not too late: when he entered his living-room enough life lingered in the embers in the grate to betray to him a feline shape on all-fours creeping toward his bedchamber door.

Once they knew where the marauders were, they were to spread out fan-shape and swoop down upon the enemy.

Oh, I am the siren, the siren of the sea, The sea, the wondrous sea, that lies forevermore before; I stand a fairy shape upon the shadow of a cliff Where the water's drowsy ripple laps the phantom of a shore, And, oh, so fair, so fair am I, I draw all hearts to me, For I am the siren, the siren of the sea.

The moonlight shone broadly on it, and he could detect the very shape and size of its lock.

This is the apparition of some divell Stealing a glorious shape, and cryes 'she comes'! Clown.

A flash of lightning illuminated the object, and discovered its shape plainly to me.

The very survival of democracy as a functional reality may be dependent upon our acceptance, as individuals, of adult roles in conceiving and stewarding the shape and direction of society.

The former, however, did not conceal a shape of singular elegance, nor mar the light and graceful carriage of the wearer.

They were evidently made expressly for the locality, sloping off on both sides at the top, to suit the shape of the vault.

My brother ga'ed himsel sic a clink o' the eye against ane at hame; but ye ken there was nane that could tell the shape o' the thing that did it!"

Under the smoky lamp of reality you vaguely distinguish the battered grotesque shapes, rising in the ruins.

The Pitch Pine has neither grace nor elegance, and though it is allied botanically to the pyramidal trees, it approaches the shape of the round-headed trees.

Then throng the busy shapes into his mind Of covered pits unfathomably deep (A dire descent!), beyond the power of frost; Of faithless bogs; of precipices huge, Smoothed up with snow; andwhat is land unknown, What waterof the still unfrozen spring, In the loose marsh or solitary lake, Where the fresh fountain from the bottom boils.

And ever as Beltane spake, the witch, tossing back her long grey hair, looked and looked on him with bright and eager eyes; a wondering look, quick to note his shape and goodly size, his wide blue eyes, his long and golden hair and the proud, high carriage of his head: and slowly, to her wonderment came awe and growing joy.

Fill the herrings, roll up, tie in shape.

As to my shape, 'tis a good shape enough if measured, but my gait is awkward, and the walk of the whole man indicates indolence capable of energies....

Journeying on through spirits as thick as leaves, Dante perceived a lustre at a little distance, and observing shapes in it evidently of great dignity, inquired who they were that thus lived apart from the rest.

To give such preference to the matter over the form, is as though a man were to take a fine Etruscan vase, not to admire its shape or coloring, but to make a chemical analysis of the clay and paint of which it is composed.

No one was on guard at the vital point, but still he lingered, his breath coming and going painfully, as a break in the clouds cast a moving shape over the undulating ground.

And so you shall conceive how that I did slide very quiet from bush unto bush; for I had alway in all my life had a very dread fear of this place; and oft did I peer out into the dim grey light of the lonesome plain unto my left; and would think sometimes to perceive the shapes of the Silent Ones stood vague and watchful; yet, on the instant, to see nothing.

The reassuring self-similarity of these seemingly random graphs of non-linear equations, evoked the shapes of nature.

All the while she was examining various shapes of toothbrushes, she had a vision of George raising his hat to take leave of her, and she could see not only the curve of his hand and the whiteness of his cuff, but also the millions of tiny marks and creases on the coarse skin of his face, extraordinarily different from her own smooth, pure, delicate, silky complexion.

What shape will you adopt?

Looking at his hands and other remains, one pictures him to oneself as a short, squat brute, as big as a fat hog, with a head very much the shape of a baboon, very large hands behind and small ones in front, waddling about on the tide flats of a sandy sea, and dragging after him, seemingly, a short tail, which has left its mark on the sand.

Oft in her absence mimic fancy wakes, To imitate her; but misjoining shapes, Wild works produces oft, but most in dreams Ill matching words or deeds, long past or tale.

Then there are the glorious Welsh stories of Arthur, Tristram, and the rest, and the not less glorious Irish stories of Deirdre and Cuchulain; both of these noble masses of legend seem to have only just missed the final shaping which turns epic material into epic poetry.

There's no mistaking the shape of the 'Castle.'