274 Verbs to Use for the Word shaping

Almost immediately after the opening of the exposition, the project took shape, and it was decided that France should participate in the Congress and send three representatives.

See what ogre shapes these things assume as the darkness deepens.

As they passed, they changed their shapes a thousand times a minute, as though writhing with a strange life; and so were gone.

By putting a layer of moss underneath, so much fruit is not required, besides giving a better shape to the dish.

Arthur Cumberland glanced at the bottle the detective held up, saw the label, saw the shape, and sank limply in his chair, his eyes starting, his jaw falling.

Sago absorbs the liquid in which it is cooked, becomes transparent and soft, and retains its original shape.

By the end of summer the hill of Muntar had lost its shape.

This ligament not only retains the lens in place, but is capable of altering its shape.

The coil of wire, being , instantly resumed its original shape.

Great expedition is necessary in making this sweet dish; as, if the meringues are not put into the oven as soon as the sugar and eggs are mixed, the former melts, and the mixture would run on the paper, instead of keeping its egg-shape.

And the soft wind crooned and whispered in the leavesleaves that parting, showed other shapes swung high in air, whose pallid faces looked down on them, awful-eyed, from the tender green, faces drawn and haggard, with teeth agleam or open mouths whence screams had come, but very silent now until the Day of Judgment.

Nan never felt alone now in this charmed wood; for when she came into its precincts, once so full of solitude, all things seemed to wear one shape, familiar eyes looked at her from the violets in the grass, familiar words sounded in the whisper of the leaves, and she grew conscious that an unseen influence filled the air with new delights, and touched earth and sky with a beauty never seen before.

Making short reaches, Roswell ere long found himself fully a mile to windward of the rocks, and sufficiently near to the new floe to discern its shape, drift, and general character.

And I will do that not because of any hope that God in His mercy will see fit to restore your shape, but solely because I love you.

Sometimes he would describe to me the odd shapes and varieties of fishes that were in the sea, and tell me tales of the sea-monsters that lay hid at the bottom, and were seldom seen by men; and what a glorious sight it would be, if our eyes could be sharpened to behold all the inhabitants of the sea at once, swimming in the great deeps, as plain as we see the gold and silver fish in a bowl of glass.

Duchemin noticed a few shadowy shapes loitering about, but was too far gone in fatigue and thirst to pay them any heed.

How features are abroad, I know not; but believe me, sir, I would not wish any companion in the world but you, nor can my imagination form any shape but yours that I could like.

I guess you sure know the shape of an oar-lock all rightkind of round, but open at the top.

She farther added, that spinning and sewing were unhealthy occupations; they would give the girls the habit of stooping, which would spoil their shapes; and that their thoughts would be more likely to be running on idle and dangerous fancies, when sitting at their needles, than when engaged in more active occupations.

This is supported by a king-post, with poles and lances slanting from it, and is rather more than twenty cubits high, having the shape of a tope.

The Hickory throws out its branches at first very obliquely from the shaft; afterwards the lower ones bend down as the tree increases in size, and acquire an irregular and contorted shape; for, notwithstanding their toughness, they bend easily to the weight of their fruit and foliage.

He peered curiously at clouds to find strange shapes in them, and in his pursuit of the grotesque examined the spittle of sick persons on the walls or ground, hoping for suggestions of monsters, combats of horses, or fantastic landscapes.

Place over hot water and cook, beating constantly with egg beater for 7 to 12 minutes or until mixture will hold its shape.

If a snake Crawl from beneath our feet we do not ask A license to destroy him: our good governors Hedge in the life of every pest and plague That bears the shape of man; and for what purpose, But to protect themselves from extirpation?

He remembered labouring up the stairs, half walking, half supported by the strong arms of the footman, Jean, who was in shirt, trousers and slippers only, while in front of them moved the shape of Madame de Montalais en négligée, carrying a lighted candle and constantly looking back.

274 Verbs to Use for the Word  shaping
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