102 Verbs to Use for the Word shepherd

Arrived near her residence, he found some shepherds.

Well sung a shepherd, that now sleeps in skies,[100] "Dumb swans do love, and not vain chattering pies.

A few days later she met the shepherd,he was simply beaming, for the dog had recovered and was with him.

But the Church's mission is not merely to those rare souls whose sympathy with her own mind and will is intelligent and spontaneous; but at least as much to the multitudes who have to be guided more or less blindly by obedience to tradition and authority, or else let wander as sheep having no shepherd.

I will turn shepherd among the Scottish mountainslive as an anchorite in the solitudes of Dartmoor.

and think you that you are unknown?" Ulysses looked again; and he saw, not a shepherd, but a beautiful woman, whom he immediately knew to be the goddess Minerva, that in the wars of Troy had frequently vouchsafed her sight to him; and had been with him since in perils, saving him unseen.

The sheep for fodder follow the shepherd, the shepherd for food follows not the sheep: thou for wages followest thy master, thy master for wages follows not thee; therefore, thou art a sheep.

Now, lady, it remains in you To end the tale you lately had begun, Being interrupted by this wicked wight You said you loved a shepherd? AMADINE.

Can Amadine so churlishly command, To banish the shepherd from her father's court? MESSENGER.

the man that killed the shepherd!"

Orlando had no great faith in the remedy, yet he agreed to come every day to Ganimed's cottage, and feign a playful courtship; and every day Orlando visited Ganimed and Aliena, and Orlando called the shepherd Ganimed his Rosalind, and every day talked over all the fine words and flattering compliments, which young men delight to use when they court their mistresses.

" In his next edition we recommend to Mr. Stephens's notice the Border version of the latter: "An evening red and a morning grey, Send the shepherd on his way; An evening grey and a morning red Send the shepherd wet to bed.

In Michael Wordsworth pictures a genuine English shepherd.

The dewan had to take what comfort he could from this promise, and when the appointed day arrived, his daughter brought a dumb shepherd whom they employed and bade her father take him to the Raja.

This disobedience of our sheep doth not happen to us, as the Papist Priests tell their simple flocks, because we have left their great shepherd the Pope; but because we let our sheep range night and day in our fields without a shepherd: which other countries dare not for fear of wolves and other ravenous beasts, but are compelled to guard them all day with great dogs and to bring them home at night, or to watch them in their folds.

As for Abigail, after her husband has refused to feed David's shepherds, and David has made up his mind therefore to slay him and his offspring, she takes provisions and meets David and induces him not to commit that crime; she does this not from love for her husband, for when David has received her presents he says to her, "See, I have hearkened to thy voice, and have accepted thy person.

" The proposal pleased them, and they induced the shepherds, by small presents and familiar questions, to tell their opinion of their own state: they were so rude and ignorant, so little able to compare the good with the evil of the occupation, and so indistinct in their narratives and descriptions, that very little could be learned from them.

Observe, Gentlemen it is carved rosewood, the panels hand painted, and representing shepherds, and shepherdesses, disporting themselves under a tree with banjo and guitar.

I shall endeavour to draw a parallel of them, by placing several of their particular thoughts in the same light; whereby it will be obvious, how much Philips hath the advantage: With what simplicity he introduces two shepherds singing alternately.

So that we are not to describe our shepherds as shepherds at this day really are, but as they may be conceived then to have been, when the best of men followed the employment.'

First the goddess directs the assembled shepherds to inscribe the words, 'The love whom Thestylis hath slain,' as the epitaph of the now dead Colin.

740 Right lives by law, and law subsists by power; Disarm the shepherd, wolves the flock devour.

They dog the shepherd from camp to camp, the hunter home from the hill, and will even carry away offal from under his hand.

Why, you whoreson slave, have you forgotten that I sent you and another to drive away the shepherd.

These Kara-Catayans dwelt upon certain high mountains through which I travelled; and in a certain plain country within these mountains, there dwelt a Nestorian shepherd, who was supreme governor over the people called Yayman or Nayman, who were Christians of the Nestorian sect.

102 Verbs to Use for the Word  shepherd
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