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183 Verbs to Use for the Word « shifting »

183 Verbs to Use for the Word « shifting »

  • Munition factories, the fires of destruction smelting all night, worked three shifts.
  • " Scowl Austin was up, ready, as usual, to relieve Seymour of half the superintending, but never letting him off duty till he had seen the new shift at work.
  • This marks a profound shift in our relationship to law and governance.
  • I’m also hopeful that the Black Lives Matter protests may create a shift, with more people recognizing how anti-blackness permeates our society and how that injustice results in lives lost.
  • Its dialysis clinic runs three shifts daily for 630 out-patients.
  • But the UAE agreement appeared to herald a dramatic shift, whereby Arab-Israeli peace could precede an agreement with the Palestinians.
  • Take it that a child is left alone by its parents, who are swallowed up in the whirl of modern industry, which overthrows the laws of nature and forbids the necessary rest, because steam engines do not get tired and day work must be followed by night work, so that the setting of the sun is no longer the signal for the laborer to rest, but to begin a new shift of work.
  • A bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Rep.Rosa DeLauro in 2019 would require employers in the food service, retail and cleaning occupations to announce shifts with two weeksnotice.
  • Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) no longer works full-time at GH and can only pick up two measly shifts a week.
  • But to be sureas soon as I finished my scheduled shift at work, I went home and promptly took another shower.
  • Ben Simmons has undergone a "paradigm shift" and is keen to shoot three-pointers as the Philadelphia 76ers pursue the NBA championship.
  • Beijing’s more confrontational posture surrounding COVID-19 could signal a broader shift in its approach.
  • But the coronavirus crisis may represent a shift in this story.
  • The lady would wear a shift of linen, "white as meadow flower."
  • However, Digital Transformation is not only about technology is it about change management and culture shift.
  • Davis-Pait said that he noticed a clear shift among voters.
  • If you recall, there was a market decline during the fourth quarter of 2018 and the Q1 2019 bounces reflected a shift to money market funds due to this market shock.
  • Saving every scrap of chain, every abandoned German tool, making shift here, extemporising there, bending steel rails on hand forges, utilising the scrap heaps the enemy had left, they finally won and brought the first truck through, in triumph, in six weeks.
  • I'll sell my shift before I'll be so used.
  • They paired on the work of preparing the meals, Carolyn June and Skinny and Ophelia and Old Heck taking shift and shift about in the kitchen.
  • Drivers should expect traffic shifts and must use caution around the toll plazas during this time, as these will be active construction zones.
  • She felt its thin claws shift as its head turned first one way, then the other.
  • Although the pandemic is causing a shift in how the music program operates, the students said that they don’t think support for the program will go away.
  • smoking his pipe and watching the day-shift take itself off and the night-shift go on.
  • Fighting food waste does require a mental shift, a willingness to use what you've got even if you don't feel like eating it and would rather order takeout.
  • In one of the most heartbreaking scenes, Jonah’s friend Bootyhole, (that’s his name, apparently), covers Jonah’s shift at a comic book store as Jonah grapples with the role he is going to play as a Nazi hunter.
  • Our electronic renaissance In all these cases, people experienced a very particular shift in their relationship to, and understanding of, dimensions.
  • The change in habits comes as only just over half of those questioned by Kantar said they felt safe when visiting a supermarket or a convenience store, prompting a clear shift towards shopping closer to home.
  • In 2002, state government amended the Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961, to allow night shifts for women working in the IT/ITeS industry.
  • 110 The beasts astonished, lined the strand, The anchor's weighed, he drives from land: The slack sail shifts from side to side; The boat untrimmed admits the tide, Borne down, adrift, at random toss'd, His oar breaks short, the rudder's lost.
  • He knew, too, the shifts of poverty.
  • By the evidence of what we ourselves saw we were able to note few shifts in the superficial aspects of the city.
  • Both scenarios could accelerate the shift from mom-and-pop landlords to investment firms that buy up distressed properties, evict the tenants, remodel the units and jack up the rents.
  • It is curious to observe the shifts to which these wise men were frequently put when their predictions were not verified.
  • Notably, the 21-day moving average has slipped below the 50-day moving average, indicating a potential shift in trend to bearish.
  • A proceeding so extraordinary,if indeed henceforward any act of Congress in derogation of freedom and in deference to slavery, can be deemed extraordinary,should not be passed in silence at such a crisis as the present; especially as the passage of one of the resolutions by a vote of 36 to 9, exhibits a shift of position on the part of the South, as sudden as it is unaccountable,
  • Speaking to our correspondent from London, the London based music promoter and president of Morocco Maduka’s Fans Club, Mr Eddie Isebor regretted the shift in date.
  • There is an empathy gap that needs to be filled as organizations have to manage this shift.
  • Speaking of his decision to finally shut, Mr Mishli said: "The police were manned outside the gates and they were rotating shifts every two hours.
  • See to what mean shifts and disguises poor loyalty is forced to submit sometimes; yet it counts nothing base or unworthy so as it can but do service where it owes an obligation!
  • He said that the new state urban policy would facilitate a profound paradigm shift that builds good understanding, mutual respect and sustainable partnership between state, local governments and residents of villages, towns and cities.
  • It would be an endless task to consider comedy in the same light, and to mention the innumerable shifts that small wits put in practice to raise a laugh.
  • Keeping seven hundred farms from becoming outlaws overnight is the primary motivation for considering a shift of approach.
  • Her sleeves were green, looped up full on the shoulders with jewelry, and showing the white shift beneath, richly trimmed with lace.
  • Jules released the brakes and, as the car gathered way, noiselessly slipped the gear shift into the fourth speed and bore heavily on the accelerator.
  • It was the president more than Biden who entered the night needing to spark a shift in the race, given the public polls that have for weeks showed him trailing both nationally and in some key battleground states.
  • If the United States does not stand firm on Taiwan, then Japan could force a re-shift in the alliance and begin to go it alone on trade resilience and defense.
  • The two were sitting in their patrol vehicle at the time, preparing to start their shifts shortly after 5 a.m. at the South L.A. station.
  • That suggests a shift in people’s consciousness, and taking responsibility for that history and for a behaviour that needs to be challenged.
  • He had foreseen another shift of wind, as the consequence of all this poise and counterpoise, and he was here met by the true breeze of the night.
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