25 Verbs to Use for the Word shivers

The girl gave a shiver.

I even kissed her, when she asked me to, and it sent a shiver all down my back.

She could feel Gratton shiver as he crouched against her.

In her white nightdress, the moonlight full upon her, she looked very pretty and yet so weird that Betty could not repress a shiver.

He sought with unobtrusive tenderness to anticipate her slightest want; he jumped to his feet and brought her a cup of water; he shoved aside a burning branch which rolled impudently too near the divine foot; he removed the offending fish from under her nostrils hastily and half apologetically; he piled the fire high when he saw her shiver.

The storm outside was making the house shiver and the lights dance.

and though he knew the sound well in his peaceful nights, it brought now a certain shiver.

There's no doubt about it, though, old White has got the shivers for some reason or other.

" The silence in the room was appalling; one could almost hear the shiver of apprehension running down the silk-and muslin-clad backs.

'They tell us how the wind is going to blow.' As I said this, there seemed to pass us, from the direction of the closed gates, a breath of air so cold that I could not restrain a shiver.

The stars had begun to shake little shivers of radiance through the firs.

"Will you come out, or shall I come in?" "You'd better come in," said Tudor, suppressing a shiver, "unless I'm wanted up at the Abbey.

Still upward from the valley crept that low shiver of dread; the pale sun shed its listless light on the gray rocks and dusky cedars; the silent unexpectant earth seemed to have paused; all things were wrapt in vague awe and dim apprehension; some inexpressible fatality seemed to oppress life and breath.

Jervis Ferrars looked at her keenly, noting the shiver and the trouble in her eyes; then he said abruptly: "What is the matter?

Simpson asked quickly, irritated because again he could not prevent that sudden shiver of the nerves.

But she remained coldly aloof, controlling even a shiver of astonishment when Colonel Arran's hand, which held hers, groped also for Berkley's, and found it.

" So all the way back from the Marne the French rivers Have given the Boches in turn the cold shivers.

The faces that used to smile on him are gone, the present faces only stare and if he told them now that it may be better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but both are good, they would conceal a shiver of boredom under politeness.

The shadow behind her chair, if indeed it had been anything but fancy, had been too indistinct to allow her to say that she had really seen it before it had vanished, but what had given her the touch, the recollection of which yet caused a shiver?

"It means, my dear Spinrobin," he said slowly, with a touch of solemnity that woke an involuntary shiver deep in his listener's being, "that you are destined to play a part, and an important part, in one of the grandest experiments ever dreamed of by the heart of man.

Despite the heavy fumes in this cellar, caused by the cigars and pipes, he experienced a cold shiver when he returned to the reality of the damp and fetid weather.

"A shock wot's shook me all up," he ses, working up a shiver.

A passing vehicle in the street, however, now and then drew a shiver of sound from the pendent prisms of the chandelier.

She would put her hand within my arm without a moment's hesitation, chatting all the while, never seeming in the least to suspect the shiver of joy which shot through my whole frame from the little hand upon my coat-sleeve.

"She had stopped shiverin'Peg-leg's best knocked shivers quick.

25 Verbs to Use for the Word  shivers