32 Verbs to Use for the Word shooter

Why, it takes a sharp-shooter to bring down even such trivial game as snipes and woodcocks; he must take very particular aim, and know what he is aiming at.

" "Then you bought a six-shooter.

" Larsen kicked open the door and at the same moment drew his six-shooter.

Uncle Jap was facing Leveson; in his hand he held the long-barrelled six-shooter; in his eyes were tiny pin-point flashes of light such as you see in an opal on a frosty morning.

I had nothing but a small hand-bag, and it contained only a six-shooter.

He then promptly mounted, and hastened to the front, where, taking command of his cavalry, he formed it in front of the advancing enemy, and with artillery and dismounted sharp-shooters, offered every possible impediment to their advance.

He was out very early this morning and emptied his six-shooter, and came in and reloaded it and put it in first-rate order.'

However, assured that he was alone, he carefully examined his six- shooter, and began to reckon what chances there were for and against arresting Sillett single-handed.

Then Mr. Scarborough allowed him to go out, and if possible find the shooters somewhere about the park.

"This is sufficient authority for you," said the sheriff, flashing a six-shooter in young Gray's face.

And when they all stopped and greeted the shooters, and crowded round the fire, he said, in a tone of rasping sarcasmin reply to Jimmy Danvers' announcement that they were back in the real life of a castle in the Middle Ages: "Any one can see that!

His rigid fingers were still gripping his six-shooter.

We called to him to halt, as half a dozen six-shooters encouraged him to go by opening a fusillade on the fleeing horseman, who only hit the high places while going.

Then they will guess that we have got pistols, and the redskins hate six-shooters like poison.

It was already extremely cold for the seasonthe big pond in the court was frozen hard, and the wind whistled about our ears when we drove in an open carriage to join the shooters at breakfast.

"In five minutes," he announced in louder tones, "I'm going to let loose this six-shooter down that shaft.

Once, Cosme loosened the six-shooter on his hip.

Seeing myself and a fellow-journalist on a distant part of the field, he mistook us for scouts of the enemy, and ordered his sharp-shooters to pick us off.

I used to disguise myself as a Christmas tree or a box car and pick off German sharp-shooters.

Fixing his gaze on him, the orator pulled out a large six-shooter and laid it on the table.

"I've seen six-shooters before now," said the girl, evading the proffered weapon and its suggestion.

Here's a pistol," added the Irishman, shoving a five-shooter into the hand of the astonished lad, "and ivery barrel is loaded, and it niver misses fire, as the victims can tell ye as have been hit by the same.

"And give you a show to snatch that six-shooter and blow a hole through me, as you did to the Sheriff of Calaveras, eh?

With a harsh, wordless cry of fury Black Jack tore his six-shooter from its resting-place.

He finely discriminated between the man in search of employment, the harmless tramp who had fallen a victim to the wanderlust, the sneaking rogue who "toted" a six-shooter for the special purpose of killing human beings, preferring railroad employees and hoboes, and the rascal who had trained other people's sons to beg a living for him, exactly as an Italian organ grinder would train a performing monkey or bear.

32 Verbs to Use for the Word  shooter