205 Verbs to Use for the Word shots

Madame de MacMahon came up to me, saying: "Madame Waddington, Sa Majeste demande les nouvelles de M. Waddington," upon which His Majesty planted himself directly in front of me, so close that he almost touched me, and asked in a quick, abrupt manner, as if he were firing off a shot: "Ou est votre mari?"

While I was standing thus bewildered, the men, who had heard the shot and the war-whoop and had seen the Indian take a tumble, came rushing back.

I had not noticed it loose, as I took my shot; and then, as I stood up, it had slipped away from beneath me ...

They felt a little sore at not getting a single shot at the buffaloes, but the way I had killed them had, they said, amply repaid them for their disappointment.

They came on in pursuit and sent several scattering shots after us, but we easily left them behind.

Sir Richard, finding himself in this condition after fifteen hours' hard fighting, and having received about eight hundred shots from great guns, besides various assaults from the enemy, and seeing, moreover, no way by which he might prevent his ship falling into the hands of the Spanish, commanded the master gunner, whom he knew was a most resolute man, to split and sink the ship.

A set of Imperialist junks set to work to fire at the town as we were leaving off, throwing their shot from a most wonderfully safe distance.

He was some six or eight rods from us, and Spalding gave him a shot with his rifle.

"Yet I hear that you have been wrangling over me with Mr. Charles Grey, and exchanging pistol shots.

"Try a shot, Mr. Harrison.

If it hadn't been so, he would not have missed his shot.

Believe me, Mr. Garvald, I have seen some pretty shots, but I have never seen your better.

Immediately the Spaniards poured in their shot, by which only one man was killed, and Drake, with some others, slightly wounded; upon which the signal was given by Drake's whistle to fall upon them.

At the same moment Schell fired, but his assailants returned the shot and wounded him.

"The beggar puts one shot every five minutes through the same window.

We stalked him in the woods and alders, which were very thick, within 300 yards, and here I should have risked a shot at his hindquarters showing up brown against the hillside, and seemingly as large as a horse.

He was now about 125 yards away, and offered an excellent shot as he paused and raised his head to scent the breeze; but Nikolai whispered, "No," and we worked nearer, crawling forward when the bear's head was down, and lying flat and close when his head was up.

Howard watched Sir Stephen as he played his first shot: his hand was perfectly steady, and he soon showed that he was a first-rate player.

Maskee!" he added, wearily "we couldn't waste a shot at 'em now even if they were real.

Fired with this inhuman and insolent treatment, he curled his whiskers, as was his custom when he was angry, and, entering Porto Ferino with his great ships, discharged his shot so fast upon the batteries and castles, that in two hours the guns were dismounted, and the works forsaken, though he was, at first, exposed to the fire of sixty cannon.

But Cochrane, instead of waiting to be attacked, made for the Spaniard, and, after receiving the fire of all her guns, without delivering a shot, got right under the side of the Gamo (so the vessel was called), and battered into her with might and main.

Miraculously escaping the shots aimed at him, he drew up alongside the officer and informed him that his life was to be forfeited for the insulting words he had uttered.

It is very true that overwhelming power is a key to hitting winning shots, but this is also true of Lawn Tennis.

I could hear every gun-fire, Zurba being only nine miles in a direct line from my house, and I counted fifteen shots a minute during a part of the time.

They had but one rifle with them, and had taken turns, Ivan having the first shot, while Nikolai finished the bear off.

205 Verbs to Use for the Word  shots
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