47 Verbs to Use for the Word shovelling

As the Colonel saw who it was had spoken, the clear colour in the tan deepened; he threw back his shoulders, hesitated, and then, without a word, went and took up his shovel.

The latter carried a shovel.

Well, it can't do any harm now," he said as he got a shovel and covered with clean earth the bits of broken glass and the still fuming drops of add.

But whether through sun-blindness or shaken by anger, the Colonel was handling his shovel uncertainly, fumbling at the gravel, content with half a shovelful, and sometimes gauging the distance to the box so badly that some of the pay fell down again in the creek.

Then he threw down the shovel, pushed back his hat, and wiped his face on his sleeve.

" Directing Patsey to bring a shovel, Jerry and I started on our sad errand.

I straighten my back, thrust my shovel into the snow pile, and shout at the top of my voice, for I can no longer contain myself: "Merry Christmas, Harriet.

Jack Harpe said something and picked up the shovel.

" The Colonel dropped his shovel and clenched his hands.

Me and the marine had to grab their shovels and finish the job or there wouldn't 'a' been no funeral that day.

Now whisk the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth or snow; mix them with the other preparation, and pour the whole into a soufflé-dish, and put it instantly into the oven; bake it about 1/2 hour in a moderate oven; take it out, hold a salamander or hot shovel over the top, sprinkle sifted sugar over it, and send the soufflé to table in the dish it was baked in, either with a napkin pinned round, or inclosed in a more ornamental dish.

It is true, he asked every one near him to eat of every thing he could himself reach, and that he used his knife as a coal-heaver uses a shovel; but the company he was in, though fastidious in its own deportment, was altogether above the silver-forkisms, and this portion of his demeanour, if it did not escape undetected, passed away unnoticed.

So saying, he resumed his shovelling vigorously, and in a few minutes the hole was opened up sufficiently to enable a man to enter.

I have known some use shovel and tongs.

"Drive your shovel right into the mud where you saw it and bring it to the sieve.

Mr. Heatherbloom lifted the shovel and looked at the low brow but, fortunately, he did not act on the impulse.

We never had a complaint about him except for little matters of carelessnessleaving coal-scuttles on the staircases for people to fall over, losing shovels, and so on.

This was not so difficult to me as the making the shovel: and yet this and the shovel, and the attempt which I made in vain to make a wheel-barrow, took me up no less than four days; I mean, always excepting my morning walk with my gun, which I seldom omitted, and very seldom failed also bringing home something fit to eat. Nov. 23.

He looked through the window again, and there he saw that Stepanuich had placed the shovel against the wall, and was warming himself and taking breath a bit.

Wabi waited, a mischievous smile on his face, and no sooner had his companion joined him than he plunged his shovel deep into the base of the drift.

So I plied my shovel and filled my pail again and again, bearing it aloft with joyful labor, eager to be through before Halicarnassus should reappear; but he got on the trail just as I was whisking up-stairs for the last time, and shouted, astonished, "What are you doing?" "Nothing," I answered, with that well-known accent which says, "Everything!

On one such occasion the tortoise struck the wall so forcibly as to break its shell, and then Goujon seized a shovel and rushed at his tormentor with such blind fury that the latter made a bolt of it.

" "I'd sure have been drowned if I hadn't come," he laughed; "I wonder if you fellows can sell us a shovel?

A couple of hours later the Colonel set his long shovel against the nearest of the poles steadying the sluice, and went over to the staging for a drink.

The sounds contended with a thin, scattered strumming of cafe mandolins, the tinkle of glasses, the steady click of dominoes and backgammon; then were drowned in the harsh chatter of Arab coolies who, all grimed as black as Nubians, and shouldering spear-headed shovels, tramped inland, their long tunics stiff with coal-dust, like a band of chain-mailed Crusaders lately caught in a hurricane of powdered charcoal.

47 Verbs to Use for the Word  shovelling