3 Verbs to Use for the Word simoom

Hot blows the wild simoom across the waste, The desert waste, amid the dreary sand, With fiery breath swift burning up the land, O'er the scared pilgrim, speeding on in haste, Hurling fierce death-drifts with broad-scorching hand.

Then, instead of fifteen pounds to the square inch, atmospheric pressure is increased to five-and-forty, not calculating the simoom of the following morning, when he is as dry as the desert of Sahara, and eyes the pumps and soda-water fountains with as much gout as the Israelites did the water from Mount Horeb.

In particular, although the whole district suffered, it was in the vale of the Nith, and in the hilly portion of the parish of Closeburn, that the fury of Grierson, Dalzell, and Johnstonenot to mention an occasional simoom, felt on the withering approach of Clavers with his lambswas felt to the full amount of merciless persecution and relentless cruelty.

3 Verbs to Use for the Word  simoom