121 Verbs to Use for the Word singing

As they finished reciting the memory verse they heard a hoarse voice singing: Gin a body-hic, meet a body-hic, Coming-hic, through the rye-hic.

Keesh watched them go, but did not fail in his attendance at Mission service, where he prayed regularly and led the singing with his deep bass voice.

We had always liked singing and had taken lessons in our home; and it seemed that herein lay the only chance of supporting ourselves and others.

Such minds, crusted like Plato's Glaucus with the world, are yet pervious to appeals to the spirit that survives beneath the dry dust amid which they move; but only at rare intervals can they accompany the pure lyrist "singing as if he would never be old," and they are apt to turn with some impatience even from Romeo and Juliet to Hamlet and Macbeth.

Then Lewis's mother grew sad, and stopped her singing, though she worked as hard as ever, and kept her children all neat and clean.

All children enjoy singing, but here, as in everything, we must keep pace with development, or the older ones, especially the boys, may get bored by what suits the less adventurous.

This they sung, he chaft, till at length, impatient as he was, he prayed to St. Magnus, patron of the church, they might all three sing and dance till that time twelvemonth, and so they did without meat and drink, wearisomeness or giving over, till at year's end they ceased singing, and were absolved by Herebertus archbishop of Cologne.

"When the nightingales have left off singing, and the wild roses are over, you'll go.

"Once in a hedge a bird went singing, Singing because there was nobody near.

There was some music, and the three girls and their mother sang together, and Jack (who had learnt part-singing at home, for his family were very musical, and every night were accustomed to sing glees and catches) also, at their request, joined in, taking the part which their brother, when at home, had been accustomed to fill.

The grand piano had been put in for her before she arrived, and she's spent all her time singing and playingI don't believe she's ever left the hotel.

And such aa affectionate father as I've been too, giving him sich nice wittelsandand singing and dancing to him to teach him music.

But before Latona's son had finished his divine singing, the angry Eryfile began to scream: "What an ass!

The birds were flitting above in the tree-boughs and making high singing.

This they did to compare the singing of the clerks, and to delight their eyes with the loveliness of the damsels.

But beneath the invariable good humor which kept her singing from morning till night there was much common sense and energy of affection, as her choice of a husband showed.

Gone was the leaden weariness of her day's toil Something intimate and kind in the glance Stoddard had given her remained warm at her heart, and set that heart singing.

Lesbia was barely civil to Mr. Hammond that evening when he praised her singing; and she refused to join in a four game proposed by Maulevrier, albeit she and Mr. Hammond had beaten Mary and Maulevrier the evening before, with much exultant hilarity.

The pulpit service commenced with a short prayer; then followed singing by the choir, all else sitting silent.

Over him floated a sweet hymn, one his mother loved to join in singing at church Sunday morning.

That morning Ida came down-stairs singing, not loudly, but in the soft undertone which a girl uses when she is supremely happy and she has hopes of seeing the cause of her happiness very soon.

And they can't make me sing; and the first one that comes in reach will get knocked down!" "Oh, well, I don't mind singing," answered Joel.

Of the same nature are those Expressions, where describing the singing of the Nightingale, he adds, Silence was pleased; and upon the Messiahs bidding Peace to the Chaos, Confusion heard his Voice.

When he feels himself grown old, he builds a pile of balm and incense, kindles it, and dies singing; and then from the fragrant ashes soars up the renewed Phoenix with unlessened beauty.

A tenor voice passed the house singing, Vieni in Roma.

121 Verbs to Use for the Word  singing