360 Verbs to Use for the Word skinning

Have the onions gathered when quite dry and ripe, and, with the fingers, take off the thin outside skin; then, with a silver knife (steel should not be used, as it spoils the colour of the onions), remove one more skin, when the onion will look quite clear.

Gull and Hawley, however, anxious at all costs to save their own skins, practically answered the question by saying, "We didn't," and casting significant glances at Noaks and Fletcher.

When she took it off, the water turned to steam, and flew up in her face, and took the skin off.

Jack, on the other hand, emboldened by his previous success, made an unwise attempt to rush the fighting, and was rewarded with a sounding smack on the cheek-bone which broke the skin and sent him staggering back into the arms of Diggory.

Flake the cod carefully, leaving out all skin and bone; put the béchamel in a stewpan with the butter, and stir it over the fire till the latter is melted; add seasoning, put in the fish, and mix it well with the sauce.

'We can see that your Indian is a savage, because he wears skins and feathers; but your Irish cottar or your English labourer, because he happens to wear a coat and trousers, is to be considered a civilised man.'

" "You got some skins now?" asked the Nova Scotian.

Seriously, as though he were engaged upon a game, he would cut the skin into thinnest strips, unbroken to the end, and would hold up the coil for us to see.

It can be used only at short distances; and at these it is apt to burn and tear a skin so soft and delicate as that of the thernee.

It should be suspended in the air for a certain length of time, and then, after being carefully trussed, laid upon its breast in the pan, in order that all the juices of the body may concentrate in that titbit of the epicure,then let the knife touch its richly browned skin, and, presto, you have a dish fit for the gods!

By this time the shoes he wore had rubbed the skin off his toes and cut into the flesh above the heels.

Bone the joint by carefully detaching the meat from the blade-bone on one side, and then on the other, being particular not to pierce the skin; then cut the bone from the knuckle, and take it out.

When the toad casts his skin he quietly rolls it up over his back and head, just as a man skins off a close-fitting jersey.

If thou wilt give me to eat, I will straightway hie me to that little inn thou didst tell of but now, and will bring a skin of ale for thy drinking and mine.

We should have called him a monster, had we not, before that time, seen in various museums the stuffed skins of those a quarter or a third larger.

They sell the skin, eat the meat, and make the intestines into kamlaykas for baidarka work.

At length she released him, for now they were all beginning to lie down by the fire to sleep, as it was getting dark; Martin being very tired settled himself down among them, and as one of the women threw a skin over him he slept very comfortably.

After the imperial miser has copiously bled his captain, he lets him out to fill his skin again.

The labor was exhausting and one must wear some clothes because the sun burned one's skin.

"And therefore, in the third place, brother, Giles this day would not change skins with any lord, duke, archduke, pope or potentate that e'er went in skin" "Who gave it thee?speak, man!" "Faith, lord, I had it from one as pure, as fair, as" "Aye, but what like is she?"

At first the men, pleased by the novelty, stripped the skins.

Raphael spread out the skin upon the napkin.

When she found out they had killed the cat they got from us, and tanned the skin to make a rim on a cap, you should have seen Pearl.

For a covering for his head, he shot a fox and dressing the skin fashioned himself a cap.

BYE, BABY BUNTING Bye, baby bunting, Father's gone a-hunting, Mother's gone a-milking, Sister's gone a-silking, And brother's gone to buy a skin To wrap the baby bunting in.

360 Verbs to Use for the Word  skinning
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