11 Verbs to Use for the Word skylight

"If you opened the skylight, he could jump in.

Then I saw he 'ad got a light in 'is cabin, and I crept aboard and peeped down the skylight.

Had to cover and batten gratings, and then a boat fetched adrift and smashed the engine skylights." "What's your rating?"

My birthday had gone by, and the equinox was upon us, with its rapid changes of sun and storm, when one of these tempests, accompanied by hail of unusual size, shattered to fragments the skylight of the bath-room.

We sat round the great fire in the hall, above which the architect, building for happier times, had had the bad grace to place a skylight, and discussed the time and means of getting away.

"I went down to the cabin agin, and, standing on the locker, pushed the skylight up with my 'ead and tried to lookout.

"Get a stick and raise the skylight," said Tredgold.

" Then the thing began clambering up the side of the observatory, and he saw its black outline gradually blot out the skylight.

Overhead yawned a huge, dusty skylight, to make way for which a fine old painted ceiling had been ruthlessly knocked away.

Above, some one had raised the corner of the canvas covering the skylight.

Being opaque, they darken the glass wherever they are accumulated, just as the snow darkens our skylights.

11 Verbs to Use for the Word  skylight