30 Verbs to Use for the Word slacks

The trooper gasped, his grasp got slack, and his body slipped along the rails.

The six-horse team was advancing toward us at a brisk canter and the drum turned fast, taking up the slack of the tether; but, as though not satisfied with this rate of progress, several soldiers were running back and jumping up to haul in the rope.

Truly, my limbs do grow slack through abiding idly here.

Constant exercise tuned up muscles gone slack and soft with easy living, upland winds cleansed the man of the reek of cities and made his appetite a thing appalling.

Her rough land dress hung slack on her slender body.

He felt slack and his head ached.

Mo was wearing linen slacks and an open weave cotton sweater.

The Ramblin' Kid went quietly up to her, coiling the slack of the rope as he advanced.

Suddenly the line came slack.

Evidently the men were in a desperate fright, for seldom had Ken seen the slack, leisurely Turks move with such speed.

And thus a time passed, in which the men left us alone, and went presently to the capstan, about which they had taken the big rope, and at this they toiled awhile; for already the ship had moved sufficiently to let the line fall slack.

Yet, though the rope was up clear of the weed, the bight of it had to rise to a much greater height, or ever it would do for the purpose for which we intended it, and already it suffered a vast strain, as I discovered by placing my hand upon it; for, even to lift the slack of so great a length of line meant the stress of some tons.

People live slack.

Lo! we groan beneath the weight Our own weaknesses create; Crook the knee and shut the lip, All for tamer fellowship; Load our slack, compliant clay With the Burden of the Day!

Howe got over the difficulty by passing his thread, on its way to the needle, over the upper extremity of the needle barthe ascent of the bar, then, sufficed to pull up the slack.

But there he stood, the pack-rope slack in his hand, staring stupidly.

(He buttoned his braces over it, and tucked its slack inside the waistband of his trousers.)

"Onward we wentbut slack and slow; His savage force at length o'erspent, The drooping courser, faint and low, All feebly foaming went.

Still Hebron's honour'd, happy soil retains Our royal hero's beauteous, dear remains; Who now sails off with winds nor wishes slack, To bring his sufferings' bright companion back.

They found that the fish arrived slack, flabby, and limp, though well fed and in apparent health.

In Stephenson's pistons the screws were at one time liable to work slack, and the springs to break. 510.

No one desires a population slack of nerve, soft of body, cruel through fear of pain, and incapable of endurance or high endeavour.

"Nobody could digest these wafflesthey're slack this morning.

4.] Wilson, in the Wheeler-Wilson machine, had neither of those arrangements, but depended upon the succeeding revolution of the hook to draw up the slack of the preceding stitch.

Every once in a while it would hold back till the tow-rope tautened, then come leaping ahead and sheering and dropping slack till it threatened to shove its nose under the huge whitecaps which roared so hungrily on every hand.

30 Verbs to Use for the Word  slacks