223 Verbs to Use for the Word slopes

Forthwith Prat sank down among the fern and was gone, while Beltane watched, keen-eyed, where four men of Sir Hollo's outposts climbed the slope hard by.

I therefore scrambled back eastward, descending the southern slopes obliquely at the same time.

I ascended the gentle slope to the valley's leveland stumbled over a man lying prostrate, shivering violently, and moaning.

In the Tell, they filled the valley and rose up the slopes of the hills.

No runner could keep pace by Caoilte's side, And ere the Fians, following in his path, Had wended from the deep and dusky strath, He swept o'er Clyne, and heard the awesome owls That hoot afar and near in woody Foulis, And he had reached the slopes of fair Rosskeen Ere Finn by Fyrish came.

The trees in great masses cover the gentle slopes on either side of the Skelton Beck, and almost hide the modern mansion.

Then the beating begins right merrily, the burs fly in every direction, rolling down the slopes, lodging here and there against rocks and sage-bushes, chased and gathered by the women and children with fine natural gladness.

We entered a wood of small hemlocks, and I felt rather than saw the ground slope in front of us.

Though there were some few level spaces, though now and then as King sought for her the easier way they rode down short slopes, with every mile put behind them they had climbed perceptibly.

They crossed the top of the mountain, keeping to the ridge of rock, and started down the northern slope.

Nevertheless, mounting the last slope was such hard labour that Mugford had to turn to and "work his passage," by every now and again taking a spell at the treadles.

For instance, on one occasion, when a party was crossing an avalanche slope, the Guide asked them to go singly at intervals of 20 metres, so that if anyone was carried away, the others would not be involved and could go to his rescue.

" CHAPTER V POOR ROLY-POLY "Come on!" cried Mab, as she started to run down the slope of the hill toward the frozen pond.

His troops, largely composed of those famous Texas regiments which Lee had said "fought grandly and nobly," and upon whom he relied "in all tight places," responded to his ardent orders: a small run was crossed, the men rushed up the slope, and the crest was almost in their very grasp.

But the dark muttering of the forest maze We may not tread, nor pierce with any gaze; And hardly love dare whisper thou hast found That restful moonlit slope of pastoral ground Set in dark dingles of the songful ways.

The Scots had to attack up a slope to the first line, and having taken this to pass down another slope for 1000 yards before reaching the glacis in front of the second line.

Then when the infantry had formed in long deep masses their guns came whirling and bounding down the slope, and it was pretty to see how smartly they unlimbered and were ready for action.

At length, after I had rounded a precipitous headland that puts out from the west wall of the valley, every peak vanished from sight, and I pushed rapidly along the frozen meadows, over the divide between the waters of the Merced and Tuolumne, and down through the forests that clothe the slopes of Cloud's Rest, arriving in Yosemite in due timewhich, with me, is any time.

There the way led up a gentle slope, then down to the bed of Nome River, where they kept on the ice for several miles.

Quick as we were, he had a good start, and by the time Gerard and I were in the saddle he had become a tiny man upon a small horse galloping up the green slope of the opposite hill.

Their infantry are holding strong lines of trenches amongst and along the edges of the numerous woods which crown the slopes.

"Thought you said they were big fellows!" commented Mac, who had come to the door for a glimpse of the Indians as they toiled up the slope.

In an instant I was charging up the slope, and ran past Burton with upraised sword.

A runner who runs recklessly without judgment, and who shows little power of selecting a safe line, should not be passed even if he takes slopes straight at the expense of frequent falls.

And so the dream lay undisturbed under her eyelashes, and she breasted the slope of the big mountain with a buoyant step, oblivious of fatigue.

223 Verbs to Use for the Word  slopes