4 Verbs to Use for the Word small

Kneel, but with right knee against left heel; carry back the left foot and lie flat on the belly, inclining body about 35° to the right; piece horizontal, barrel up, muzzle off the ground and pointed to the front; elbows on the ground; left hand at the balance, right hand grasping the small of the stock opposite the neck.


Having plenty of bandages and medicine, we made Nims as comfortable as possible till the next day, when we loaded one of the boats to make him a level bed, and constructing a stretcher of two oars and a piece of canvas, put him on board and floated down river a couple of milesrunning two small rapidsto a side cañon, which led out to the Lee's Ferry road.

When they came to the foot-hills and the rider dismounted and led the way, with a following muzzle at times poking the small of his back, up the tortuous path, rounding pinnacles and skimming the edge of abysses, his leg muscles answered with the readiness of familiarity with climbing.

4 Verbs to Use for the Word  small