135 Verbs to Use for the Word smells

I, in the next room, suddenly smelt a smell of wood burning.

CHAPTER II THE WRECK The night was calm, but now and then a faint, hot wind blew from the shadowy coast, and rippling the water, brought a strange, sour smell.

In concluding this part of our subject, the following condensed hints and directions should be attended to in the economy of soup-making: I. BEEF MAKES THE BEST STOCK; veal stock has less colour and taste; whilst mutton sometimes gives it a tallowy smell, far from agreeable, unless the meat has been previously roasted or broiled.

Fresh-water fish, having frequently a muddy smell and taste, should be soaked in strong salt and water, after it has been well cleaned.

When an animal has died otherwise than by slaughtering, its flesh is flaccid and clammy, emits a peculiar faint and disagreeable smell, and, it need scarcely be added, spontaneous decomposition proceeds very rapidly.

None hindered my movements, so, liking little the smell of wet, uncleanly garments which clung around the fire, I made my bed in a heather bush in the lee of a boulder, and from utter weariness fell presently asleep.

"Years ago." said he, "I lived in a country town; and I love the smell of the meadows and the hum of the bees in the orchards.

Lister did not know the smell; Brown knew and frowned, for he had been broken by the malaria that haunts West African river mouths.

He hated man, and hereafter he would hate everything that bore the man-smell.

After a few moments the prisoner began to distinguish objects confusedly, and this is what he found: White-washed walls here and there turned green by various exhalations; in one corner a round hole guarded by iron bars, and exhaling a disgusting smell; in another corner a slab turning upon a hinge like the bracket seat of a fiacre, and thus capable of being used as a table; no bed; a straw-bottomed chair; under foot a brick floor.

All this is somewhat necessary to show with what sudden and violent agitation Thor caught a certain warm, close smell as he came around the end of a mass of huge boulders.

he said, and the voice of that law was in his attitude as he sat on his haunches sniffing the strange smell.

'By the way,' he said, 'if the doctor should happen to come in and notice the smell of the smoke, don't tell him that you had one of mine.

"That's strange," he said, "we've got the same smell.

Where there had been famine and death and stillness six weeks before, Kazan and Gray Wolf now stood at the edge of the swamp and breathed the earthy smells of spring, and listened to the sounds of life.

I felt the smell of wet heather, and the fishy odours of the Forth; I heard the tang of our country speech, and the swirl of the gusty winds of home.

I know I shall never forget that smell, or the sound of all our feet clumping over those slick cobbles.

In the leafy cloughs and hedges, the small birds were wild with joy, and every garden sent forth a goodly smell.

Skate is not good if dressed too fresh, unless it is crimped; it should, therefore, be kept for a day, but not long enough to produce a disagreeable smell.

But from the tepee had come the man-smell.

Beer forsooth, get you gone to the buttery, till I call for you; you are none of Bacchus's attendants, I am sure; he cannot endure the smell of malt.

And the forest was filled with a strange gloom and many mysterious shadows, and there hung heavily in it the pungent smells of decaying vegetation.

He hated the man-smell; he hated the strange, white-faced thing he had seen clinging to the side of the gorge; and his hatred included everything associated with them.

I can recall the smell of every hour.

[Illustration: "Stood on the spacious common, inhaling the salt smell of the sea below.

135 Verbs to Use for the Word  smells